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  1. Ok well I got it working. It turns out, the following input parameter stated in the message part was an associative array: <part name="parameters" element="tns:getRecommendedKeywords" /> getRecommendedKeywords was an associative array. I had to look at the targetNamespace in the root element <definitions> tag to figure this out. wierd....
  2. Maybe I am reading the WSDL file incorrectly. Looking at the WSDL file, the message input and output are not like the ones in the tutorial where its like: <part name="value" type="xs:string"/> Instead, there is no type and the part looks like this: <part name="parameters" element="tns:getRecommendedKeywords" /> How do i interpret this?
  3. skaterdav85

    Free Webhost

    just pay for hosting. its like 5 dollars a month if you get a basic package and host static html pages or php pages. I've tried some free stuff when I first started and you get very little space and adds pop up on your page.
  4. that returned a fatal error:Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in C:\xampp\htdocs\Aeropops.php on line 13well it looks like im being returned an object, right? I think it has to do with the hierarchy. Is there anyway I can see what that looks like?? This is a pain because whats coming to the screen isnt very helpful.
  5. display_errors is enabled, and error_reporting says 6135 for the local value and master value (not sure what that means). I tried this:<?php$params = "27852";$ppl = "http://dbf065:8080/MapKeywordRecommender?wsdl";$pplRequest = new SoapClient($ppl);//$result = $pplRequest->getRecommendedKeywords($params);$result = $pplRequest->getRecommendedKeywords($params[0]);print_r($result);var_dump($result);?> and my error was still the same:stdClass Object ( ) object(stdClass)#2 (0) { }Any other ideas? Could the web service not be working or turned off?
  6. so is the object empty, meaning Im calling it incorrectly?
  7. Im using php 5.2.9. I tried var_dump($result) and i get this:object(stdClass)#2 (0) { } lolI think Im passing the method the ID correctly. My guess is that I'm printing it wrong since im dealing with an array of objects. Would you agree?
  8. well i tried changing it to:$params = "27", and it returned the same thing.This is the java code: public interface MapKeywordRecommenderService extends Remote{ public KeywordScore[] getRecommendedKeywords(String ID) throws RemoteException;} Looking at this, it looks like I can just pass the "getRecommendedKeywords" method a string. But im not sure why when I print the result, i get that same "stdClass Object ( )".
  9. im basically translating this web service consumption from someone who did it in java. In Java terms, they said that I should get back an array of KeywordScore objects, which are just javabeans. Do you know what that means? Im not too familiar with SOAP services in php =/.
  10. so im trying to consume this SOAP web service, and it's returning "stdClass Object ( )". What does that mean?This is my php code <?php$params->ID = "27";$ppl = "http://dbf065:8080/MapKeywordRecommender?wsdl";$pplRequest = new SoapClient($ppl);$result = $pplRequest->getRecommendedKeywords($params);print_r($result);?>
  11. haha no offense, but that looked super shady. I dont mind paying for hosting, but if it's like ColdFusion where its relatively expensive to host a site, I think I'll just stick to PHP once my class on ASP.NET is over...
  12. I know i've asked you before about Ext JS, but its been awhile. I want to learn those neat UI tricks, like Drag and Drop, that people do in JS. i've done some jQuery, but the syntax looks weird. Would Ext JS be good to learn for that type of stuff? I remember you saying it does have a steep learning curve...
  13. do alot of people use this? or do most people go with something like jQuery?
  14. Hey all,Random question here. I watched a video on Google Wave, and noticed Google has some amazing UI features in all their products like perfect use of AP Divs (layers) and drag and drop. Do they have super expert JS developers, or do you think they leverage off of a JS library?
  15. is ASP.NET hosting more expensive than php? I know hosting my php/mysql sites are about 50-$80 for a whole year, but I've never hosted an ASP.NET / SQL Server site. I've hosted a Coldfusion site before, and it was like $20 a month, so I said screw CF and learned PHP. Any thoughts?
  16. Does anyone know of a good book or web reference for learning vb.net with asp.net? I've done asp.net through the GUI in Visual Studio by dropping controls on the page and then writing some code in VB.net for those controls, but I definately dont know much in VB.net. Any suggestions?
  17. has anyone used visual studio .net? Im learning how to create asp.net pages, and personally i think Visual Studio is terrible. Maybe I havent learned all the capabilities yet, but DW seems to be way better for auto-completion, allowing a user to select a color in hex in CSS, and adding html tags through the insert menu way faster.
  18. oh ok, so odbc in php is more for databases that dont have specific commands like access im guessing.
  19. are there any pitfalls for using odbc commands with mysql versus using mysql commands? Does php have commands specific to other databases or just mysql?
  20. thanks. I actually discovered that it supports making the dialogue box from a hidden div, so i did this and was able to just access the JS variables. Pretty neat version of lightbox. It also is compatible with alot of JS libraries.
  21. hmm ok. Maybe there is another solution. All I really want is some kind of dialog box thats basically a new page (so probably an iframe), where i can pass values to and from it. I know facebook uses stuff like that. Any ideas?
  22. so i looked at the JS file and its all on one line, but I went through it searching for 'href', and this is what I found. I'm not really sure if this is it and if it is, what im supposed to change. All I know is that its using object oriented JS. My guess is that it has something to do with that first line in the function. function(link,opts){var href=link.href,obj={ el:link, title:link.getAttribute("title"), options:apply({},opts||{}), content:href }; each(["player","title","height","width","gallery"], function(o){ if(typeof obj.options[o]!="undefined"){ obj[o]=obj.options[o]; delete o
  23. Ya, I think it is getting overwritten from something in those JS files. I need some kind of lightbox that can use an iframe so i can pass values to the lightbox and do some stuff with it. The system currently has Dojo because its bundled in a Struts package, but Dojo is horrible in my opinion. There are no examples, and the example of a lightbox diaglog I did get working was didnt look very nice. I basically need a lightbox dialog in which the js files will play nice with the Dojo library. Any suggestions?
  24. Im currently using shadowbox and i want to pass variables through the href attribute of the shadowbox link. When i click the link though, the link does not include the query string that i concatenated in my JS function. I know the href attribute in the DOM has been changed, but i want my shadowbox link to be default2.php?box1=test, not just default2.php. Anyone know how to do that?My JS code: function appendToURL(myURL) { document.getElementById('addToListLink').href=myURL+"?box1=test";} My HTML link: <a id="addToListLink" onclick="appendToURL(this.href);" href="default2.php" rel="shadow
  25. Whats the best resource to use when doing Draggable, Sortable lists/divs? I have a series of Divs that i want to reorder through dragging them and sorting them. The application already supports the Dojo JS library, but I cant find any good examples there. I've seen some jQuery UI stuff, but Im not sure if i should incorporate another JS library into the application. Also, the items I am dragging are divs with buttons and stuff inside.
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