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  1. so was visual basic used for the .NET platform, but then got upgraded to VB.NET? (sorry for all the noob questions haha. I signed up for a class at school and its all about using .NET, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, and SQL Server. I just saw all these on the syllabus and i wanted to know now since its a few weeks before we actually cover it)
  2. whats the difference between visual basic and visual basic .net?
  3. is VB script one that .NET can compile? I didnt see that on the list. Im just assuming it does since its a microsoft product.
  4. so if one was creating software, they'd write in something like C# in the .net platform? I was looking at a list of .NET languages on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.NET_LanguagesCould you use all these languages for both software or web application development? Or is each language restricted to certain uses?
  5. Whats the difference between .NET and ASP.NET. My understanding is that they are both microsoft products and .NET is a framework to write software in a variety of languages like C# and Visual Basic, and ASP.NET is an extension of .NET for web application development. Is this right?
  6. If you want, you could also use the strip tags function strip_tags() on all your form data so a hacker doesn't do any cross-site scripting.
  7. I understand the syntactical basics of how to create objects, but I'm not sure how to group certain things together, or what is the best way to create an object. Say you were creating a blog site, would you separate each module into its own object...and have a blog object to insert and read out entries, an object for the login system, an object for a poll module etc?
  8. So i've been reading some stuff on OOP in PHP, and ive been told its not good to put html or css in your classes. What if you are pulling data from a database and you are going to loop through the results of the query and output them in a table...Would you put the loop in your view page and just do the query in a method?
  9. go here Killer PHPWatch the video tutorials and read the PDF called "PDF: object oriented php in pdf". I read this and watched the vids and i thought it did a good job for a beginner. Im a beginner myself to OOP so i didnt know much.
  10. well I want to be able to make decent looking graphics for websites. Doesn't have to be too crazy, but something decent so when i host my own web projects, my site wont look horrible. I bought the adobe web design package at the student price, so i have photoshop CS4 and some of the other adobe products. I know how to use layers, change fonts, add a background color, and use some of the fx, but i want to do a little more. Btw, what kinds of places have professional classes?
  11. Does anyone have any good tips & tricks or websites that would be good to learn graphic production? I know some of the basics in Photoshop, but I want to take it a little bit further, and I don't want to go through a book that tells me every feature of Photoshop. Anything would be helpful!
  12. I have a Google Map that I am opening in Thickbox (this is basically lightbox that uses an iframe instead of an image). However, somehow during the Thickbox Ajax stuff, the center coordinates get messed up. Im not sure if this is a browser thing or a JS issue. I got the latitude and longitude for an address on a geocoder site, but these coordinates are interpreted differently. In Safari, the address is in one spot, and in Firefox 3.5.2, its in another spot, both of which are in the Thickbox. And if i load the map not in a thickbox in Firebox, the point is in the same place as the map in the Th
  13. what do you mean by @font-face? and how is it badly supported?
  14. How do you utilize a .ttf file? I downloaded a new font and i want to use it, so Im wondering if this is something I need to do through CSS. I know i can use the file to change text through the php GD library, but that is one long function to change font and isn't very efficient for a paragraph of text. Anyone know how to go about doing this?
  15. Im currently using Thickbox (similar to lightbox) to open an iframe with a dynamic google map inside of it. However, Thickbox doesnt seem to be updated much in terms of browser compatibility and it doesnt work well with FF on mac version 3.5.2. Does anyone know where i can get a similar effect (not sure what this effect is called). Preferably jquery would be good since im already using it for some other things, but other solutions would be fine too. Thanks
  16. Ya haha. Thats a better way to put it. But i ###### at making graphics. Is there anything out there that has a good UI for tabs, either images or tricky CSS and/or Javascript?
  17. skaterdav85

    Tab Navigation

    Does anyone have any good resources for creating a tabbed navigation? I want the tabs to go to separate pages, and not do some Ajax thing where it just chooses a particular div's contents to show (the jQuery UI does this). Basically, i just want some tabs.
  18. then can you provide suggestions on how to make it not look plain and boring?
  19. I want a nice tabbed navigation, and i've found some good ones using the jquery library JQuery UI, but none of them use separate web pages. I want each tab to link to a completely different page, and not do some ajax thing where it just updates the content. Anyone have any good solutions?
  20. how do you do that? say you did this:mysqli_connect($dbc, $some_query);how would you redirect an error to another file? Does that other file save the errors or something?
  21. is it a good idea to use the @ sign and suppress all potential errors when using mysqli functions when a site is live? If so, how do people go about doing this since im assuming you dont use the @ sign on all your mysqli functions during development?
  22. what is saved in the cache? Every page when its first loaded in the browser?
  23. I see. I was using safari but i havent tried it out in another browser. I guess the cache doesnt save what happened in the ajax call, so the 2nd list shows the default, which is all Buildings as if it were the same as when the page loaded and no Company selection was made. I do notice that when the ajax call is made, when you view the source of the page, the resulting <option> tags arent in the updated select menu. Do you know why that is?
  24. oh ok. what exactly is happening when i press the back button? is it doing a page refresh?
  25. I was wondering what the best way is to create dynamic <select> menus. Right now i have 2 menus. The 1st menu has a list of Companies, and the 2nd menu has a list of buildings. The relationship in the database is 1-many. When a user changes the selection in the 1st menu (Companies menu), it makes an ajax call and sets the innerHTML of that 2nd menu (Buildings menu) based on the selection of the 1st menu. That works fine, but when i submit my search, and then press the Back button, the 1st menu still contains the selection and the 2nd menu contains all the buildings in the database, thus
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