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  1. lol definitely seems sketchy... What's the fun in having a robot reply to forum threads that you're supposedly interested in... Why bother?
  2. Whats the most popular server side language? People tell me different answers so im just curious as to whether there are any statistics on this.Ive worked with Coldfusion and PHP, and I've heard CF is a dying language and PHP keeps growing. I dont know much about JSP, ASP, ASP.net, RoR, or Perl though.
  3. I got interested in web development when I was asked at my internship to create a website...So i started HTML and CSS in notepad, just learning all the tags and trying to make the site look good and professional. Eventually I wanted to make more dynamic sites which peaked my interest in this field and led me to start taking 4 classes at school in web development. This is where I learned html, dreamweaver, css, javascript, coldfusion, php/mysql, ajax, sql in a structured environment. If you can, I reccomend taking classes at school in web development...and not the online classes cuz those tend
  4. so if my hosting space didn't have a php.ini file in my directory where i upload all my files, i could create one and place this inside it: session.use_trans_sid = 0 and it would overwrite that one command in the global php.ini file the server is reading?
  5. Is this just for a godaddy account or does it usually work like this (having a global php.ini and your own php.ini) when you host, or work on a local environment with XAMPP, MAMP etc?Is the php.ini file that I am going to edit read line by line or does each line need to end with a semicolon or something? Can I just putsession.use_trans_sid = 0 at the end of it and it will work fine?
  6. what if your php.ini file looks like above ^^ (in first post). Is it still turned off by default? Because in my php.ini file on MAMP, its explicitly turned off by default with session.use_trans_sid = 0 If cookies are disabled, you manually have to carry the session ID through the URL for sessions to work =/.
  7. is session.use_trans_sid set to 1 (true) in the php.ini file usually? I looked at my php.ini file on my godaddy account, and all it says is the following ...nothing about session.use_trans_sid though.
  8. Say there is a REST web service that gives you latitude and longitude coordinates (in the XML). How would you go about plotting these on a map? Would you just output all the points into a JS array for Google Maps to loop through and plot? or is there a better way?
  9. i see. Would you recommend another way of creating a voting system so users can only vote once (without creating user accounts)?
  10. So I am creating a form for users to rate something, but i dont want malicious users from hitting the rate button a million times so the average rating is in their favor. So, I want to store every user's IP address in my MySQL database to prevent that. How do I go about getting a user's IP address? Thank you!
  11. Anyone know of any good T-SQL tutorials? I havent found any...
  12. Can you use the @ symbol in front of any function that may report errors in order to suppress them? When is it good to suppress errors and when to not?
  13. Does this function get the size of the file in bytes or KB? Thanks
  14. Does anyone know how to style the info window in google maps, like make the entire bubble a different color than white?
  15. Ok i figured out what happened. I took out a module on my site that no longer used a certain table, but my code for that page still made a query to that table that didnt exist. thanks!
  16. So i recently uploaded my site to a godaddy server and i get this error:Warning: mysql_fetch_object(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/content/s/k/a/skaterdav85/html/index.php on line 9Does anyone know what this means? This never came up when i was using MAMP for my localhost.Thanks!
  17. skaterdav85

    Url Variables

    how many characters are allowed in the url when passing data from page to page?
  18. or maybe have a patch for cs3
  19. does anyone know where/if i can get the dreamweaver cs3 trial anywhere? i need the cs3 version, not cs4
  20. So my hard drive crashed and the mac store installed leopard with a new HD on my computer. I installed xampp and tried viewing my site as http://localhost/project/index.php but i get this error: If i put php files outside the project folder right in htdocs, they read fine. Anyone know how to fix this? I think it has something to do with file permissions, but i dont know how to go about changing them. Thanks
  21. skaterdav85

    Asp Or Php

    are asp.net and .net similar?
  22. skaterdav85

    Asp Or Php

    are asp and asp.net similar? is asp going to be deprecated soon?
  23. skaterdav85


    how do i know what my username and pw are for phpmyadmin on the server? is it given to me? or do i need to create those?
  24. skaterdav85


    how do i go about hosting my php/mysql site? I am using xampp, so ive been using phpmyadmin to create the database. my pw and username is set to default so "root" and blank for the pw.correct me if im wrong...do i export my mysql db into a .sql file, and then execute that sql file in phpmyadmin in the cpanel of whatever web hosting company im using? then i change my php files to use whatever username and pw they gave me?
  25. skaterdav85

    Asp Or Php

    whats the difference between asp and asp.net? which one is more popular?
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