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  1. how long have you done php development? did it take you a long time to learn oop in php? ... Ive been doing alot of php in my class at school, like creating logins and disseminating rest/soap web services, but it hasnt been object oriented, so i felt like i should learn oop in php. any recommendations as to go about learning it?
  2. skaterdav85

    Css 3

    so i heard css 3 is available, but what browsers support it? Do people use it?
  3. whats the standard in php development? do alot of web developers do OOP in php, or not?
  4. you should use the mysql function SHA(). it encrypts your password into a 40 character length string, and you cant decrypt it.
  5. skaterdav85

    Php Books

    I read the Head First PHP and MySQL book. Its great for beginners and answers alot of questions for each chapter that you might have.
  6. Use Rome. found here:http://techinitiatives.blogspot.com/2007/0...-with-java.htmlI used it to create an RSS feed aggregator on my own site in jsp/java.
  7. so i parsed an RSS feed, and it gives me dates like this:Mon Mar 30 03:06:43 PDT 2009How do i convert this to something like 4/30/09?Thanks
  8. If php5 is installed on a web hosting server, is SimpleXML also installed?
  9. Do you know where to get good free star images?
  10. So in my mysql db i have averages (1 to 5) for user ratings of my items. Is there a graphic that I can pass my average to and it will generate a 5 star graphic depending on what my average is? How should i go about doing this? Thanks
  11. So im trying to use the Lyric Wiki Soap Web service, and i get an error that says:"Catchable fatal error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string in /Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/htdocs/project/lyricwiki.php on line 5"Does anyone know what this means and/or what im doing wrong? I cant figure it out..--My code-- <?php$params->artist='beatles';$LW = new SoapClient('http://lyricwiki.org/server.php?wsdl&func=getArtist');$result = $LW->getHometown($params);print_r($result);?> --Documentation--http://lyricwiki.org/LyricWiki:SOAP
  12. Does anyone know of a simple ColdFusion text editor that has autocompletion and syntax highlighting? ...oh ya, one that is free. I like how Dreamweaver has it, but I dont want to pay for that. Thanks!
  13. why does google maps read points as either numbers or strings in an array?in the JS array, either would work for index 1:lat[1] = -120.34343 would do the same as lat[1] = '-120.34343'
  14. So apparently the Google Maps API will plot variables if they are strings or numbers.lat[1] = -120.34343 would do the same as lat[1] = '-120.34343' not exactly sure why, but that solves the problem if there are holes if you are pulling coordinates from a web service or database. anyone know why? Thanks!
  15. So Im using this one REST web service, and in the XML data, it has latitude and longitude points. I am taking these values, and echoing them into a JavaScript array, which the Google Maps API will then use to plot the points. However, in the XML data, sometimes there wont be a latitude or longitude value. Instead of being:<latitude>34.34343</latitude><longitude>-120.34646</longitude>it will sometimes be like:<latitude/>so when my PHP is done processing, my JS array will have holes in it like this:lat[0]=34.0627717; lon[0]=-117.2082592; lat[1]=42.991484; lon[1]=-83
  16. nope that doesnt work. although i did try replacing some rss feed links in the code and that did work, except it wont work on an intranet. anyone know of an API or some widget so i can have an rss reader on my website which is on an intranet?Thanks!
  17. is there any way to give this API a direct rss feed, instead of specifying keywords?this is the link to generate the code:http://www.google.com/uds/solutions/wizards/dynamicfeed.html
  18. so i have some data in my mysql database:name | type----------------playstation | ToyBlouse | Clothingapple | Foodnintendo | Toypants | Clothinghot dog | FoodI want to output it in groups so that on my page it looks something like this:ToyplaystationnintendoClothingBlousepantsFoodapplehot dogthis is my php code so far, but it just outputs each row in the table. But I only want one heading for each type. Anyone know how to accomplish this?
  19. Hi,can someone describe to me how you create a 1 to 1 relationship for 2 tables in phpmyadmin or know of a place where i can find a tutorial? I couldnt find one.Thanks
  20. i just meant a navigation that has drop down menus which are essentially layers or APDivs. that site is great though! i didnt realize you could do all that through css.
  21. Ive used YUI, PROTOTYPE, and JQuery. The JQuery syntax is kind of wierd, but once u get the hang of it, it isnt so bad. YUI and PROTOTYPE werent too bad, but the documentation doesnt really provide a lot of complete examples. What do other people think is the easiest out of YUI, Prototype, and JQuery in terms of easiness to learn, and the documentation?
  22. Does anyone know of a good online example/tutorial or section in a book that can create good, cross browser navigations with layered menus?
  23. If any of you are familiar with ColdFusions CFCHART tag, is there something in PHP similar to this?
  24. oh ok i see. When a person has a browser window opened to the fullest, whats the width usually? I noticed alot of websites make there centered div around 900 pixels.
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