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  1. no. how do i do that? i couldnt figure it out.
  2. I installed PHP on my mac and it worked fine, but then when i turned off my computer and tried going to that same localhost address, it doenst work anymore. What am i doing wrong? sorry for such a newbie question haha
  3. So im completely new to jsp and struts, but ive been given a task to figure part of it now and im stuck.Instead of using a static jsp include, i need to do a struts call using the ajax method. and it references an xml file. However, it doesnt work, and I am totally lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated! xml file related to header: <package name="main" extends="struts-default"> <action name="header"> <result>/jsp/header.jsp</result> </action></package> struts call <s:url action="header" id="header_url"/><s:div id="header" theme="ajax
  4. im using ColdFusion tho. theres no way to get around this just in sql?
  5. So I have a select menu populated with addresses from a database. But when i do ORDER BY, it puts 710 W. 30th St after 1211 W.30th St because its only doing it by the first number. Any way to get around this? Thanks!
  6. ohh ok. that makes sense. so basically i can only prevent CF pages from being accessed. what does cffile do?
  7. So i created a directory called 'secure' w/ a few pages, but how do sites usually make it so that users cant access a secure directory by typing in the directory in the address bar without logging in?My thought was to include a piece of code like the following at the top of every page in that secure directory, so that none of the pages load since the session variable has not been switched to 'yes':<cfif session.loggedin EQ "no"> <cfabort> (or use a cflocation to redirect to the login page outside the 'secure' directory)</cfif>Any thoughts? Im new to doing logins w/ CF...
  8. Im really new to flash and i cant execute any actionscript to my button because it says "Mouse events are permitted only for button instances
  9. So i created 2 links that give the user 2 options of different style sheets, and i save whatever style sheet chosen as a cookie. However, how do i read those style sheets for the rest of my site? this is the code where it saves the style sheet chosen as a cookie://initial style sheet<link rel="stylesheet" href="style_1.css" id="stylesheet">//saves the chosen style sheet as a cookiefunction changeStyle(whichsheet) {document.cookie = document.getElementById('stylesheet').href = whichsheet;}//2 links for different style sheet options<a href="#" onClick="changeStyle('style_2.css');">st
  10. So i finished a course in JS at my school. Would it be useful to learn vbscript? From what i read, it seems like vbscript is more limited than js.
  11. ohh ok thank you! i understand now. Do you know how i could stop the setTimeout function? I added a stop button, but i cant seem to find a method to stop the function or setTimeout method. any ideas?
  12. so this is my code, and i want to loop through an array so different images are displayed from the array, but when i run this code, it goes straight to the last image. Anyone know how to fix this?<script language="javascript">function swapImage(){ for(i=1; i<17; i++) { setTimeout("document.getElementById('picture').src = pic["+ i +"]",800) }}</script><body><input type="submit" name="play" id="play" value="Play" onclick="swapImage()" /> | <img src="abbey_large.jpg" id="picture" alt="cal student housing" width="432" height="324" /></body>
  13. ya i have the onblur event, but even when my alert comes up saying "Dont leave the field empty", it still moves to the next field. How do i reset the focus?
  14. So im creating a form, and I have JS validation where it checks the textbox to see if it is empty or not. I want the focus to remain on the form object if the form object is left blank. Is there some kind of focus property for the form to do this in JS? or any other way i can look into in JS? Thanks!
  15. So im creating a form, and I have validation where it checks the textbox to see if it is empty or not. I want the focus to remain on the form object if the form object is left blank. Is there some kind of focus property for the form to do this? or any other way i can look into? Thanks!
  16. ok so i did this<td style="position:relative;"> on the td that contains the div and i changed the #PastHosp properties to margin-top and margin-left along w these respective values, but the AP Div still stays in the same place when u change the browser size. Any idea? AP Divs are frustrating!
  17. ok so i did this, and it messed up my whole center div. did i misunderstand?#PastHosp { position:relative; width:232px; height:163px; z-index:1; background-color: #e8eaec; border: solid thin black; margin-left: 608px; margin-top: 293px; padding: 3px; visibility: hidden;}
  18. So I made this website for a professor and i used JS to open and close the layer, but when i resize my browser, the layer stays in the same place. But I want the layer to always stay under its title "View Past Hospitals Here". The site is http://healthcareengineering.usc.edu/ and click on "View Past Hospitals Here" to view the Layer.If anyone can help me that'd be excellent! Layers are tricky!
  19. Im making a page using a fixed layout because liquid is a pain in the ###### with getting images to stick to the right of containers. What would be the best width to use so it looks fine for most viewers? I was guessing 900px?
  20. Are there any sites where u can pay to have a database hooked up to your website, and they are relatively easy to use?
  21. ok thanks. do u have any advice on making a site look 'professional'. Im still kind of new with web development so any advice would be great!
  22. haha ok. How long would it take u to create a professional looking homepage for something like that?
  23. So ive been asked to create a website for an engineering research group doing a study just to display their information, results, etc. Basically he wanted a professional looking site with static information, so all i'd be using is html css and javascript. He offered me $25/hr and emailed me asking me to define a budget, a number of hours needed to get this set up. What do you think would be a fair amount to tell him?
  24. does anyone know how to implement this php 5 star rating sytem? I dont know anytying about php, but i want a 5 star rating sytem on my site. can someone help me as to where in my html do i place the php code from this site:http://gr0w.com/articles/code/php_5_star_r..._using_hreview/
  25. Where can i practice SQL statements, particularly Insert, Update, and Delete?The SQL demo on this site didnt seem to work with those 3 statements....Unless I am using them wrong...
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