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    navigation bar

    I created a navigation bar w CSS so it has the rollover-like effect, but i dont know how to center the navigation in the middle of the page at the top. Anyone know how to do this?here is my code...<head><style> ul { list-style-type:none; padding: 2px; font: bold 12px 'Lucida Grande',Verdana,sans-serif;} li { background: #DDDDDD; float: left; padding 2px 10px; border-left: 1px solid #fff; border-right: 1px solid #aaa; border-bottom: 1px solid #666;} ul a:link, ul a:visited, ul a:hover, ul a:active { display: block; padding: 2px 10px; text-decoration: none;} ul a:link {
  2. im just started learning JS, but does the onload event handler typically go in the body tag, or are there instances where it goes in the head section? Thanks!
  3. Maybe a topic could be posted on the site about where you can go for web training/certificates etc, besides the typical comp sci bs degree.
  4. I have a html form drop down menu, and i wanted to make it so that when an option is selected, it automatically goes to a particular link. How do i put links into this code? Thanks! <select name="select" size="1" id="select"> <option selected>Select an Option</option> <option>Option 1 </option> <option>Option 2</option> <option>Option 3</option> </select>
  5. what is a good Free text editor that has Live Preview, color coding, and other cool features?
  6. do you know if consulting firms hire web developers to do work for others?
  7. What are some major companies that hire web developers? Are there any companies looking for people to do consulting in web development?
  8. skaterdav85


    does anyone know how to take the whole division <div>......</div> and center it? I tried align="center" and that didnt work. any tips? thanks!
  9. skaterdav85

    a menu bar

    I see that line-height:30px; was used to center the text vertically within the block, but is there anohter way to vertically center the link in the block like using valign or something?Also, how come they put "div#navbar a:hover {" in the css? Cant you just put "#navbar a:hover {"?
  10. skaterdav85

    a menu bar

    i found this website, and i was wondering if anyone could break it down simply how you can make a menu bar similar to this:http://www.kaosdistributors.com/I like how when u roll over each choice, it highlights the whole cell and changes the text and background color, making it look like a rollover. I know they use a:hover & a:link, but im not sure how they made the hover cover a rectangular shape. any suggestions?
  11. What are examples of java applets? Are they embedded in the html document?
  12. Im new to web development, but can someone tell me the difference between java programming and javascript in web development?
  13. anyone have some cool html/css sites they've done?
  14. Would anyone suggest online degrees? Any suggestions?
  15. ya i just ordered the head first javascript book. how is it? i thought the headfirst book for html,xhtml, and css was really good and pretty detailed.
  16. Is there a default z-index? if so wut is it?
  17. has anyone read the Head First books? i found those to be excellent
  18. how did you learn html? books? other sites? school?
  19. through school as in you got a degree in web stuff or you got it another way? what kind of stuff do you do there?
  20. i found this to be pretty interesting. this was on the yahoo frontpage today about the 5 hot business careers without an MBA.http://hotjobs.yahoo.com/career-articles-f..._mba_needed-2764. Web DesignerThanks to the Internet boom, trained Web designers are in demand. These creative professionals work with companies to design and maintain Web sites that effectively convey their corporate missions, contact information, latest news, and more. Web designers must be well versed in HTML and computer graphics programs like Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash, which are often taught in 6- to 1
  21. so did u take ur tests? what were they like?
  22. what are the most popular forums for web developing discussions?
  23. I am curious as to how people got web developer jobs and careers. Did you go to school? (where), just study on your own?, obtain certificates? Also, what would be a good path to get such a job, and what should people learn?
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