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  1. love the new look and usability of the forums!
  2. So I found out that using anonymous functions in AS can be kind of weird and people recommend not using them in your Actionscript. Instead of using an anonymous function, when the Complete event occurs, I call a class method and set the property. It's also worth noting that I need to dispatch a custom event so that I can listen for the custom event and call the getter method when the response is completed. When you dispatch a custom event, don't use an anonymous function like what I am doing here. It ends up getting dispatched to a different context and you can't listen for the event on your o
  3. my only guess is that the context within addEventListener is the object's context, so it can only find object methods and properties. Since thenumber isnt a class property, it cant find it. Im having weird issues with the addEventListener method myself, coming from regular JavaScript.
  4. I have 2 methods and 2 properties in an Actionscript 3 class. The first method fetchXMLData() gets data from an XML file. In the addEventListener method on the urlLoader object, I pass it a listener which tries to set the returned data to the xmlData class property. However, it never sets it, and I know the data comes back because I can alert out urlLoader.data using the mx.controls.Alert component. Anyone have an idea of what is going on? public var urlLoader:URLLoader;public var xmlData:String; public function getXMLData():String { return this.xmlData;} public function fetchXMLData():vo
  5. so i guess either the host will enable it in their php.ini file or the host will allow users to create custom php.ini files in their own directory and certain directives can be overridden?
  6. so in my case, the SOAP extension is there, but it isn't enabled?
  7. skaterdav85

    php ini files

    Do all apache servers allow you to create a custom php.ini file within your root directory for certain config options, or is this something that you have to set to allow elsewhere? If so, where?
  8. its not. the only thing that shows up with the word soap is--enable-soap=sharedand im not quite sure what that means though. on my local dev environement, i am using XAMPP and when i do phpinf(), i see it as one of the extensions active, like libxml, simplexml, curl, etc.
  9. so does the enable command above just compile SOAP with PHP, but then you have to enable the extension through an ini file? I dont have much experience configuring PHP, so this is pretty new to me.I dont have access to the ini file. This is a company server so i'll have to go through some hoops to get that done. Could I just write an ini file in my directory, and that one directive will be modified?
  10. I'm using the SoapClient class, and when i move over my app to a test server, i get the following:Fatal error: Class 'SoapClient' not found in /public/info/ami/Aeropops.php on line 20When I do a phpinfo(), under Configuration Command I see this:--enable-soap=sharedAny idea what might be wrong?
  11. is it possible to change the URL without a page refresh and also without using a hash (#) ? Apparently the browser doesnt pass anything after a hash to the server, so you cant access the hash value in your php script. Basically im using the hash to change the URL in a page that's using ajax, and I want the user to be able to copy the URL and send it to someone else and have the same content displayed. However, without having access to the hash in PHP, I cant do it.
  12. im sure some of you have seen on facebook, that when you go through photos, it changes the URL, but no page refresh is being made. anyone have an idea as to how you do that?
  13. NetBeans is just an IDE, not a framework. It supports the framework Struts 1, but not Struts 2 and Struts 2 has been around for a while. I have found the documentation on NetBeans to be quite off.
  14. Anyone have any idea what the hot Java Web Development frameworks are? I have been using Struts 2 at work, but I find the online support and user base to be pretty minimal. I guess that brings me to another question, is Java web development still big at all and worth pursuing to continue to learn in my spare time for projects outside of work?
  15. Actually, I take some of that back. The constructor property of String, Number, etc isn't a function that is an instance of Function. I think it is just the built in Function constructor function. function Person (name) { this.name = name;}var david = new Person ('david');david.constructor; // Person () function was used to initialize the david objectvar someObject = new Object ();someObject.constructor; // Object () function was used to initialize the someObject objectObject.constructor; //Function () function was used to initialize the Object object
  16. ok so let me get this straight. there are reference and primitive types provided in ECMAScript. They are String, Number, Function, Boolean, and Object. Object is an object, Number is an object, etc, and their constructor property is a function (an instance of Function) that gets executed to run whatever initialization code the object instance needs. String, Number, Function, etc all inherit from Object.
  17. so if Object is a constructor, and all constructors are functions, and functions are objects of Function, wouldnt that mean Object is an instance of Function?
  18. "A function is a subclass of an object." Don't you mean, Function is a subclass of Object? A function would be an instance of Function."The base object class does not inherit from a function"Then why does Object.constructor equal Function?
  19. Does anyone understand the hierarchy of ECMAScript Reference and Primitive types? I noticed that Object.constructor returns Function, yet I read that all the reference and primitive types inherit from the Object reference type. If Object.constructor returns Function, but Function inherits from Object, isn't that like saying the top most object Object is dependent on it's child Function?
  20. think of it as a container of related variables (known as properties) and functions (known as methods). you use the new keyword to create a new object instance and you can create many instances of the same object on the page and they are, for the most part, independent.
  21. That is true that IE does have a lot of bugs. John Resig mentioned a few of them in his YUI Theatre video called The DOM is a Mess. I think at one point, the getElementById method had problems when elements had the same name as an ID on the page.That bug you mentioned above must have been a tough one to figure out!
  22. IE doesnt hate JS. Microsoft just chose to implement the DOM API a bit differently. I think IEs implementation of ECMAScript is consistent with other browsers though. Someone please chime in if I am incorrect.
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