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  1. Hi, yes, I use AngularJS. I attach the wohle code, no Problem. I do some tests and eleminated all stuff not related with this issue, so the code doesn't make sense, it just tries to invoke a function. If you were able to get it running, follow 'Route1 and on 'Page-1" is the test function and the test button. With best regards Gerhard PS: Din't get email notification, have clicked on 'Follow this topic' ... Website.zip
  2. <!-- ----- Info View --------------- --> <div > <span class="col-xs-2"><button onclick="drawEnergyGraph()">Energy</button></span> <span class="col-xs-2"><button onclick="drawBatteryGraph()">Battery</button></span> <span class="col-xs-2"><button onclick="drawTempGraph()">Temperature</button></span> <span class="col-xs-6"></span> </div> <div id="chartFrame" ><svg id="chart1"></svg></div> <script> var chart; var data; function drawEnergyGraph () { alert('Energy') } function drawBatteryGraph () { alert('Battery') } function drawTempGraph () { alert('Temperature') } Hi, have the above code. Works on a full page, no Problem. After moving from a MPA to a SPA using ng-route, everything seems to be ok. The partial views coming up, but now I can't fire the function. The Browsers Debugger told me, that the function I want to call on click isn't defined, but sorry I can see the function .... Any idea to help a newbee. Thanks With best regards Gerhard
  3. Hi, have now a running version of a script. Does get data correct from server, but only once. Repeat hitting 'View' button doesnt produce new data requests (checked this by having a breakpoint on my servers C# code). After pressing F12 and invoking the debugger within IE11, each hit of 'View' sends a request to the server. Any idea? Script in the attachment. With best regards Gerhard JsonViewer.html
  4. No. This will be fine, but no, just doesn't work. With best regards Gerhard
  5. Hi, see atachment for code, sorry, can't past anything here and can't include Pictures ==> web site error??? I tried to call a function from a button onclick. Nothing happens. After invoking the Debugger with F12 I get the message, that the function myView isn't declared ???? I can see this function. With best regards Gerhard JsonViewer.html
  6. Hi, I have a strange problem (for a newbee). My script executes only once, than the update process stops. As I open the debug window (IE 11, F12), the periodical calls working fine. Closing the debug windwo, and the periodic call stops again. I tried two Versions, neither works. Any idea? Thanks for helping With best regards Gerhard bootstraptest.html
  7. Gerhard

    BS Navbar

    Hi, just walking through the tutorial of bootstrap. The NavBar is really cool, but how does it navigation. I don't have any idea how I can switch from one page (or content) to another whild clicking on the links in the nav bar. I the sample absolutely nothing happens here. Thanks for helping a newbee. With best regards Gerhard
  8. Gerhard

    <stype> tag?

    Hi, I am a newbee and start just working with html5 and CSS3. I first go through all that tutorials and now tried it for the first time. I use VS2012 for editing, cause it is a common tool for me. I found out, that CSS fils raise error Messages aslong as <style> tag is there. Ommoting this tag (and ist closing Counterpart, brings everything to work. Any explaination? Thanks. With best regards Gerhard
  9. Hi, would be nice to see more about web services. Scenario: Process which controls something, inter-process communication between this process and the web server process. Web site consuming some web service, collecting data from the control process and displaying it. Would also be nice to see a dashboard like web site with live updates the data coming from the control process. With best regards Gerhard PS: Have to do such a scenario as a newbee to web programming.
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