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  1. Good to know, and thank you very much for the quick reply. Just out of curiousity, why is width not similarly governed?
  2. RE: http://www.w3schools.com/googleapi/google_maps_basic.asp <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <script src="http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js"></script> <script> function initialize() { var mapProp = { center:new google.maps.LatLng(51.508742,-0.120850), zoom:5, mapTypeId:google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP }; var map=new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("googleMap"),mapProp); } google.maps.event.addDomListener(window, 'load', initialize); </script> </head> <body> <div id="googleMap" style="width:500px;height:380px;"></div> </body> </html> In the above example, the container's size is controlled with style="width:500px;height:380px;" Substituting 100% in place of 500px, the width of the map can effectively be altered; however, the same is not true for the height of the map. Why is this true, and how else might its height be controlled without an explicit dimension in pixels?
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