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  1. hi guys, having a bit of trouble with the hv menu scriptsource: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamici...menu/index.htmusing it on this page: http://www.lighterdawn.co.uk/testindex.htm just until i have it working completely.i have inserted the script just under the <body> tags as it specifies but it doesnt seem to display, i intend for it to display on the left hand side in the space next to the large content box. its not my dreamwevaer template that is conflicting because ive tested the script tags on a clean html page, i initially had the source files menu.js and menu_com.js in a folder
  2. *SIGH OF RELIEF*THANKS, PHP JUST CONFUSES ME BEFORE IVE EVEN PLANNED WHAT I NEED TO DO!i think im gonna have to go back to basics and start doing flow charts again to get my head round the functions required ha ha!here goes.....
  3. well its for a carpentry company so the first input would be maybe square foot or metres the next would be the type of laminate or hardwood with a different price tier depending on type they select, the next would be their area code which would also have a price added and so on, so yeah it is sort of just addition but all selections or inputs are dependant on each other so thats weher my head goes abit fuzzy lolbasically i need the following to obtain a quotetype of service ie staircase or doors hung or floor fittedsquare foot (if applicable) - price per square footmaterial - cheaper materials
  4. been searching but can only ever find random quote scripts lolim looking for a labour cost calculator script it is for a carpentry site, it needs to calculate a quote for the total labour cost of the items that the user selects from a list of predefined values. my client doesnt have sql so im gonna need a flat file scriptclient is happy to pay for it but even happier if its free and able to be modified, im not the most experienced php'er so im not really able to write from scratch but would be happy at having a bash if someone could provide some guidancethanks in advance
  5. right it says my php.ini file is located hereConfiguration File (php.ini) Path /homepages/42/d198206515/htdocs/php.ini my include path is as follows include_path .:/shop/file_info/admin/paypal .:/shop/file_info/admin/paypal but with regards to paths, am i supposed to include any of the following because they are all paths that i didnt know existed on my hosting, maybe i should put that in front of the include_path?? sendmail_path /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i safe_mode_exec_dir /usr/local/php/bin /usr/local/php/bin extension_dir /usr/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-no
  6. ok i have done this and changed the php.ini file which means it should be working but for some reason it isnt, any suggestions?
  7. well i dont know what editor your using so i cant comment there, but i do know that the characters you are trying to use are not standard ASCII characters, sometimes these characters will display without you needing to use their character codes but it is best practise to use them all of the time. i dont think there actually is a solution except for the one i have given?check this out for more characters http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_entities.asp
  8. try using the proper code for each symbol insteadto insert the symbol £ £ so to write £100 you would instead write £100it should work now
  9. hi, im trying to use phpmailer on my 1and1.co.uk hosting webspace but it says i need to set the include path for it to work. 1and1 allows you to set your own php.ini file to add to basic settings which is fine but ive done this but am unsure if ive done it right. the files i want to include are located in my webspace like this: /shop/file_info/admin/paypal/class.phpmailer.php and /shop/file_info/admin/paypal/class.smtp.php the php.ini is going to be put in the webspace root so i figured i just do the include path as follows: include_path = ".:/shop/file_info/admin/paypal/class.phpmaile
  10. cool ill try that...took so long to input info into the menu lol, thanks guys
  11. nah none of those have worked, thanks for your comments though, i think im gonna have to insert a javascript to get around it, thats what the rest of the scripts seem to be doing, havent got a clue how to though so...i dunno
  12. hi im using a css styled unordered list for my fly out navigation but it is not working just in these browser, is this a know issue and if so is there a quick fix?? it is menu1 in particular that has issues and im using conditional comments to include an ie6 and above css page, ive tried changing the comments to include 5.5 but no avail???navigation css /* ================================================================ This copyright notice must be untouched at all times.The original version of this stylesheet and the associated (x)htmlis available at [url="http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menus/fly
  13. i added this but it does not seem to have made a difference, i also tried changing the display to inline and no avail, i then tried to change the conditional comments to just ie whcih applies to version 5 and above but no joy!only happens with ie 5.5 and 6, everything else it is fine with???
  14. I have been designing my website now for so long its unbelieveable and have had a million problems with browser issues (im a bit of an advanced newbie) i thought that i had fixed them until now...looking at browsershots.org it seems that with all version of internet explorer before v.7 there are display issues, the site works absolutely fine with netscape firefox etc so it must just be an ie bug but for the life of me i cant work out what it is. in some versions of ie its just the navigation that seems to be a problem but in ie 5.5 nothing displays except homepage twice on different rows.the s
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