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  1. Thank you very much now it works
  2. I have made a form with two submit button one for edit one for delete what I want to do is to pop a confirm box ONLY when the delete submit is pouched is their a way to that properly?for the moment I have this but it submit even if cancel is pouched <script>function confirmDelete() { if (confirm("Are you sure you want to delete this Item from your basket?")) { return true; }else{ return false; } }</script>...<form action="updateDelete.php" method="post" onsubmit="return confirmDelete()"> thank you for your help
  3. Thank you very much it works perfect
  4. Have you try this?<?phpdefine('EPSILON', 1.0e-8);function real_cmp($r1, $r2) { $diff = $r1 - $r2; if( abs($diff) < EPSILON ) return 0; else return $diff < 0 ? -1 : 1;}function real_lt($r1, $r2) { return real_cmp($r1, $r2) < 0;}echo "raw compare<br />\n";$n = 0;for($i = 0.1; $i < 1.0; $i += 0.1) { $n++; echo "$i\t$n."<br />\n";}echo "<br />\nepsilon compare<br />\n";$n = 0;for($i = 0.1; real_lt($i, 1.0); $i += 0.1) { $n++; echo "$i\t$n."<br />\n";}
  5. I try to make a script that will delete me from table EVERY THINK where the date is different from date() but I am not sure on how to make it.this is what I use but it does not work $sql_del = "DELETE FROM shop_temp WHERE temp_date != from date('Y-m-d')"; $query_del = mysql_query($sql_del,$connect) or die ("SQL ERROR: Error 2.0 - ". mysql_error());thank fo your help
  6. I want to display the results from mySQL in an HTML table.I have 2 tables one called "subCategories" and the other called "pages"this is how my tables look likesubCategories: id int(11)catID int(11)subCatID int(11)subCatABV varchar(10)subCatName varchar(255) pages: pageID int(11)catID int(11)subCatID int(11)menuID int(11)pageTitle varchar(255)pageKeywords textpageDescription textpageFlash textpageContent text my page is getting the the catID via Querystringwhat I need to optain must look like this: +---------------+---------------+---------------+-----------------+| subCatN
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