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  1. Hello everyone, I'm very much a novice in this arena, so apologies in advance, but hopefully someone will be able to help. I'm in the process of creating a new website using the Weebly sitebuilding system, which gives you fairly extensive access to the HTML and CSS elements of the site. Generally the build is going relatively well, but I'm running into a few problems with the mobile version of the site. Because the theme I'm using is responsive, there isn't direct access to edit the mobile site in the same way as I have been building the rest of the site. What I am hoping is to work out HTML/CSS fixes for the following two issues: 1) Site banner is cut off at left and right and inexplicably scrolls right into some dead space. 2) Hide home page navigation buttons, which are useful for desktop, but fill up a lot of screen space on mobile/tablet and so are not needed (as there is a hamburger menu in any case). I've attached some screenshots of the elements I'm talking about and can copy and paste any elements of code which I have access to. I suspect that a combination of HTML and CSS adjustments will be needed. The site itself is located at http://www.passthecontroller.co.uk. You can access the home page directly (which should demonstrate both issues) at http://www.passthecontroller.co.uk/home.html.
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