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  1. O.k. now I can see that my suggestion is not really needed because one allways has an overwiev on the left of the page. Teaches me to look a little harder before I critisize a site
  2. Full name: Thor Fjalar HallgrimssonAlternative name(s): FjalliBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 05/05/73Gender: MaleZodiacal sign: TaurusCountry of residance: IcelandCity of residance: HafnarfjordurHeight: 177 cmWeight: 100 kgEyes: blueHair: light brownSmoking/Drinking/Drugs: nicotinell/beer/asprinFavourite Music: Rock nĀ“Roll, Punk Rock, Ambient/soft TechnoFavourite Movies: Strange Days, Serpant and the Rainbow, Bis an ende der WeltInterest: Most everything except soccerPets: myselfAdditional comments:
  3. First, thanks for this site. My suggestion for how it can be made even better is that by the "next" and "previous" buttons it could say something like "page 1 of 8" etc.Often a chapter starts by stating that one should have minimum knowledge of this or that other element, so in order to get that minimum knowledge one decides to skim it. So it would be nice to get an overview of how long the tutorial is and be able to know how far one is into it and how many pages are left.
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