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    Is there a way to create a pop up like a confirm that says "Pick a side" and you can choose left or right. Just a confirm with 2 different choices or anything like that. Can it be made with javascript or HTML?
  2. Did you use the code I posted in my first post?
  3. Do I use that formula as it is? When I set min as 1 and max as 5, it generates 31, 01, 21.
  4. var minvar maxfunction test(){ min=prompt("min") max=prompt("max") document.getElementById("nummin").innerHTML=min document.getElementById("nummax").innerHTML=max} This just shows the min and max number that I type. I want to, when I click a button, generate a random rounded number between the min and max numbers. I don't know how to use min and max with Math.random
  5. zenon905


    Is there a website or a section on w3schools that teaches the basics to advanced things of actionscript?
  6. Instead of doing var quo=new Array()quo[0]="a"quu[1]="b"quo[2]="c" How do I do it like this? var quo=new Array("a"; "b"; "c") Or the correct way to put them in the brackets.
  7. On another question.My friend used new Array() and he put all his different... "array[0]", "array[1]" things inside the (). I forgot how he did it. How would I type it if I want random[0]="a" and random[1]="b" inside the ()?
  8. function test(){ document.getElementById("table1").value="red"}<table border="1" width="100%"> <tr> <td width="100%" id="table1"></td> </tr></table><input type="button" onclick="test()"> I want "red" to appear in the table when I click the button and it doesn't work.
  9. But I can't type in a table when it is in preview mode. I am making a bingo grid, it is suppose to be able to be typed in...
  10. I am going to use a text box because I can type in it. Border-collapse doesn't work for 2 text boxes..one, .two{border-collapse: collapse} I did this code but nothing happened.
  11. It is just <input type="radio" onclick="gen2()">
  12. How do I insert tables that can be typed in like a text box while in preview? Or can I merge text boxes so there are no gaps in between? I am trying to make something like a bingo grid that can be typed in.Also when I previewed my file in mozilla. I click a radio button and the green spot appears, but it doesn't disappear when I click another radio button. How do I make the previous green spot disappear when I click a different radio button?
  13. var intfunction gen(){ var int=setInterval('lot()', 1)}function lot(){ var ran=Math.floor(Math.random()*11) document.getElementById("box").value=ran}function num(){ clearInterval(int)}<input type=button id='a' value="Start The Numbers" onclick=gen()><p><input type=button id='b' value="Take Your Chance!" onclick=num()><p> When I click button b, it doesn't stop the interval and it still continues to work. I tried int=window.clearInterval(int) and var int=self.setInterval like from the clock example, but it still doesn't work.
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