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  1. Flo

    Light effect on JS

    Thanks a lot dsonesuk for this code. That's exactly what I was looking for, now I'm gonna refine and study it to get a perfect result (: -Flo
  2. Flo

    Light effect on JS

    Thank you Ingolme for these informations, Im gonna try that. I think I will use a function to increase and decrease randomly the opacity and luminosity with a setInterval (tin order to modify opacity like a sinusoidal function). -Flo
  3. Flo

    Light effect on JS

    @Ingolme ; There is only this <img> in the html nothing else. You know when you are looking at a candle, the flame oscillates and illuminates the room by a irregular light, I would like to put that kind of affect on the page, as if the candle was next to you. @john_jack ; When the mouse is above the image the opacity changes, and I would like this effect but with different opacities and automatically. That effect could look like a real lit candle. Thanks, -Flo
  4. Hi everybody. First at all, I specify I'm French and I'm sorry if my English isn't perfect. I've chosen this forum because I didn't find a solution with many French forums. A friend has advised to me this forum to expose my problem. I would like to add an animation to my html page by using JS. Let me explain ; for the time being, there's only one picture <img> on my page, it's a candle image. I would like to add an animation by using JS (or something else it doesn't matter) giving the impression of being near to the flame, if you know what I mean. I don't want to see the flame's move or to modify the picture, but just a light effect by using luminosity. I'm not a very high level in JS, and I don't know if I should use randomly variables and change luminosity or something else. If you could show me an example I would be grateful (: Thanks in advance, -Flo
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