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  1. Just went back to the conditional tags link and it all makes sense now I will try this and let you know how it turns out. Thank you very much!
  2. okay, I'll give it a try. Would I replace the code entirely with this below and if I had more page ids to include, do I list via comment? (sorry, Im a newbie): <?php if(is_page(14,16,18)) { wp_nav_menu( array('theme_location' => 'secondary-menu','menu_id' => 'nh-nav','menu_class' => 'sf-menu')); } ?> <?php if(is_page(13,20,30)) { wp_nav_menu( array('theme_location' => 'third-menu','menu_id' => 'ma-nav','menu_class' => 'sf-menu')); } ?> <?php if(is_page(15,30,31)) { wp_nav_menu( array('theme_location' => 'secondary-menu','menu_id' => 'main-nav','menu_class' => 'sf-menu')); } ?>
  3. Okay great. So I updated the code to include different IDs <?php wp_nav_menu( array('theme_location' => 'primary-menu','menu_id' => 'main-nav','menu_class' => 'sf-menu')); ?> <?php wp_nav_menu( array('theme_location' => 'secondary-menu','menu_id' => 'nh-nav','menu_class' => 'sf-menu')); ?> <?php wp_nav_menu( array('theme_location' => 'third-menu','menu_id' => 'ma-nav','menu_class' => 'sf-menu')); ?> Now, how do I display only the secondary menu on this page millcityenergy.com/nh?
  4. Can I change the ID to whatever I want?
  5. So this is what I added to my header.php file: <?php wp_nav_menu( array('theme_location' => 'primary-menu','menu_id' => 'main-nav','menu_class' => 'sf-menu')); ?> <?php wp_nav_menu( array('theme_location' => 'secondary-menu','menu_id' => 'main-nav','menu_class' => 'sf-menu')); ?> <?php wp_nav_menu( array('theme_location' => 'third-menu','menu_id' => 'main-nav','menu_class' => 'sf-menu')); ?> Could I just replace this entire code with the below? <?php wp_nav_menu( array('theme_location' => 'none','menu_id' => 'main-nav','menu_class' => 'sf-menu','menu'=> get_page_meta( $page->ID, 'MenuName', true))); ?> And update the menu in the custom field on the page level (custom field would be MenuName and in the field enter the name of the menu)?
  6. This is great @dsonesuk Thank you! I added primary, secondary and third menus. My next question is how I can apply only the primary menu on specific pages, the secondary menu on specific pages, and the third menu on specific pages.
  7. @dsonesuk Ahh, I see. So can I just change the id in the code?
  8. Hello, I recently added different menu navigations for specific pages on my site: millcityenergy.com using the wordpress plug-in page specific menu items while it works fine for desktop, the mobile version displays all the pages in the dropdown (select a page). I've tried different custom css codes and as a novice, I have been unsuccessful. Screenshot attached. Any idea of how to narrow down the pages and/or follow the same navigation as desktop? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Lauren
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