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  1. firefox, chrome, iexp 10 Alll do the same except opera which wont resize that far
  2. this is a dreamweaver fluid grid layout - there are 3 statements of the navigator div ID one each for mobile, tablet and large screens. the main css config is added into the mobile css section and is inherited by tablet and big screen sections - the two latter sections have only a few lines of code and each contain the clear: both; property. I tried adding the property to the mobile section but results were not good
  3. thanks the clear: both; property is stated except under /* Mobile Layout: 480px and below. */ section tried adding the property line line one there and nothing changed the green block still expands to top of screen tried adding the statement last and the menu appears as a vertical block instead of inline at wide resolution and still expands to top of screen at narrow view any further tips most appreciated
  4. here's the link As you resize down the browser window you'll observe the menu bar collapse into a mobile drop down style menu. As you further decrease it you will observe it pop up to full screen height above its relative horizontal position behind the layout div above it. I estimate the change is happening at around 480 ish pixels wide it is in the css of course but just which property is the culprit? why is it changing it's size? how can i prevent this happening? thanks in advance
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    break point?

    Working on a menu bar for a site that I am stuck on. As the browser is resized the navbar collapses into a dropdown mobile style menu. This is working fine but it breaks to the dropdown a little early as the browser shrinks Very simple site at this point with just the menu - so here's the url: My link As you resize the screen down you'll see what i mean Any tips or advice on getting this to break a little later in resizing down would be most appreciated thanks in advance ray
  6. In large screen the nav bar sits at the top of the page obscuring the header div even though its div is below in code and design view [d/weaver CS6]. In design view the menu bar does not want to sit in its div. It floats above it and the div looks like a thin blue line behind the menu bar. Looks kind of like the div bar refuses to have the menu bar inside it so the menu bar jumps around wherever. As the browser is resized you can see a point where the menu bar wont fit horizontally and it suddenly goes into drop down mode and that is fine and working as I want it to, In mobile view it behaves
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