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  1. I could not understand why it would not load in explorer as it is fine in firefox, my default browser, So u think i should start again then?
  2. Hello people I am currentley building a clan website while i learn html and css. I have read all the tut`s on this site many times but have encountered a problem. i have copied the tut exact for divs, and when i view it in a webbrowser the margin only runs about a quarter of the way down the page of my website, I cant see what the problem is.this is the code as w3schools taught me: <html><head><style type="text/css">h1 {text-align: center}td {text-align: center}div.container{width:1024px;margin:0px;border:1px solid gray;line-height:150%;}div.header,div.footer{padding:0.5e
  3. Hi there people. I did introduce myself some months back but got sidetracked a bit. My name is Luke and I am hoping to either be a web designer or games programmer one day. I dont really have much to say. Just that I love evrything about computers, from the hardware to the software, and when im not infront of the pc, im infront of my xbox 360- rudeix cube, is my gt add me if you like.
  4. Hello my name is Luke and I am from Birmingham England,I am a butcher by trade but am looking to getting into programming and games development, however first I want to build some websites, just for fun.age:25######:yes pleasejob: none student ATMlikes: xbox live, games, learning, philosophy, reading, musicdislikes:not a lotweight:a bit too heavyhair:browny blackeyes:blueAnyway hope to pick peoples brains instead of getting on the nerves of my `grammer mates, who clearly dont have enough time in the day.
  5. Hello my name is Luke and I come from Birmingham,I am a butcher by trade but I am trying to get into programming.I thought that first of all I would make a website to showcase my love for Resident Evil, and then move on to a website that will showcase all the work I hope to put together(java games, c games and such).I enjoy most music, modelling(the kind that you paint afterwards) playing games and love women(!!!),yes, sorry to let all you homosexual people down, i`m straight.
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