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  1. We have setup a bitcoin payment gateway on the site and client is having a 25% off if the customers will use bitcoin. The client wants to exclude certain categories on the sale and they will have to pay the normal bitcoin percentage. Can I do this adding a php cod on the functions.php file? Thank you so much!
  2. Hi, I am a newbie and still studying coding languages especially javascript. I need to code a dynamic URL where the data populated in form 1 will automatically be filled when the user clicks the redirection to form 2. For example: https://24-btc.com/order.php?btcaddress=1EKCZv2Qo7jP9skqqT4SdZhsAL5JfWWQcB&amountlocal=37&orderid=Order-412827&firstname=USERNAME&lastname=USERLASTNAME&email=USEREMAIL&phone=USERPHONENUMBER&address=USERADDRESS= Thanks for all the help! Charlene
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