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  1. It has taken me a while to get my head around Javascript and AJAX, but I think I am finally ready to loose my frames!!But this is where I come unstuck...My site layout has a top "frame" and side "frame", which stay the same and contain menus, and a body "frame", which contains the main site material. (it it better to replace there with divs or a table?) I would like a unique site address for each body page (so it can be linked to from external sites). How do I structure this? I have worked out how to have the top and left "frames" constant, and change the body "frame" by calling in the text
  2. skivvia

    my site

    For a start, what is the purpose/intended audience of your site? From the linked template I am guessing it is to show off photography/music etc (your own, or your favorite?), but what is the genre of content - the genre could be used to create a theme for the site?
  3. I have been teaching myself html/css/javascript over the last 3 months, and this is the product to date: Visit My WebsiteThere are still a few issues to be ironed out, and the front page appearance could be improved, but it will be a never-ending project...The main issues I am aware of to date are the google ads displaying at the bottom of the page rather than on the right of the page on some computers (let me know if you do/do not get this problem so I can see how widespread it is), and that in firefox, the div at the bottom of the page displaying the 'important' text appears to blocked the
  4. Now that my pages are behaving correctly within their frames... my next issueIf someone enters my site via say the ...holidays/body.htm page (from an external link or search engine), the navigation bar displays www.mysite/working/index.htm?holidays/body.htm&2This is all fine, until they navigate to a different part of the website; the navigation bar continues to display the original url of www.mysite/working/index.htm?holidays/body.htm&2Is there a way I can get the URL to update relating to which page is displayed, or otherwise revert to the generic www.mysite/index.htm when a perso
  5. Thanks Deidre's Dad, that is what I was suspecting.body.htm is located in the 'holidays' directory, but 'index.htm is located up one directoryHow do I refer to a file up a directory using javascript? In my code I have refered to it as holidays/body.htm, and this did not work, do I use ../body.htm or some javascript?Thanks
  6. HiMy website is set up with a top (header), left (menu) and body (body) frame layout. I have about 20 different pages (in different folder locations, such as mysite/holidays/body.htm, mysite/holidays/tasmania/body.htm, mysite/videos/body.htm etc) that load into the body frame, while the top and left frames do not change. I am having problems with the javascript to make sure that these pages always open within the frameset. At current, when I open a page that should be forced into a frameset, it either opens in a page of it's own, or it tries to open the "index.htm" page at the wrong header
  7. Thanks Synook, will give AJAX a go, and report back when I am done and it all works correctly!
  8. I am relatively new to webdesign, and am building my own site. So far I have got everything to be valid and look OK in IE and Firefox apart from my frame layout validation (and my husband's work computer showing google ads below the text rather that to the right, but I think that may be a padding/margin thing). Looking around on the web, I have not found how to fix them/suitable alternatives. The website displays fine, but I am a stickler for trying to do things correct...A summary of the validation problems are:Line 26, Column 29: there is no attribute "BORDER".Line 26, Column 43: there is
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