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  1. Yes "It never hurts to keep a respectful tone" You should practice what you preach. I can feel the animosity in your words. (That's even without reading between the lines) Did it make you feel good to take your anger out on a member whom you have no respect for. Hope you feel better after getting that off your chest, it's not good to keep your anger bottled up! you know what I mean right? Obviously you don't have the intelligence to answer my "simple Q & A's". So i'll just do the research myself like you recommended. Thank's for all your help. And "please please please" Don't waste your time thinking of a witty comeback(I know that's what your thinking of right now, right?) - I don't even want to hear what you have to say. Enjoy your "unpaid volunteer job" because I can't see anybody ever giving you a 'real job' in the 'real world'. Especially when they realize "what you're really like" on the inside. It must be hard for you to keep your comments semi-appropriate, when you can't say what you really want to say. Try hitting a punching bag or something - that may help you with your aggressiveness.
  2. I did all the research I could for about 70 questions! And I found out most of the answers on the w3schools web site. Except for the 5 questions that I posted - I couldn't find any evidence to support the answers so I decided that I would post them to see if anybody else with more experience than me could help. Sometimes it's nice to be able to get some advice from a more experienced person and it also saves a lot of time. I could research those questions for another week and still not find the correct answers. That is why I posted them here! but it seems that nobody else has time to research them either. All I was looking for was perhaps a link to a page with each answer so I could go through the data to fully understand the questions and answers. What made you think I was just looking for quick answers? with no thought on understanding them fully? If everybody in the world had to do their own research for 'each and every question' there would be no need for 'forums' and the "forum moderator" would be out of a job, and you wouldn't have the opportunity to send me a 'ridiculous' comment like the one you just sent.
  3. How do I delete a post?
  4. The encoding attribute in the XML declaration: <?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "ISO-8859-1" ?> must be... in lower case, but the value is case-insensitive in lower case, but the value is case-sensitive
  5. For this XSLT fragment <xsl:template match = "/" > What does the value of the match attribute select? All descendants of the root node The root node The root node and all its descendants
  6. With XML, which statement is true? Namespaces must be declared at the beginning of the XML document CDATA sections should not include binary data Both of the above None of the above
  7. Which XSLT fragment selects the value of an element and uses it as an attribute value? <body bgcolor = "{/color}" > <body bgcolor = "[/color]" > <body bgcolor = "(/color)" >
  8. Which XML DOM object represents a node and its child nodes, as a node tree? The element object The node object The nodeList object
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