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  1. I wrote a program called GetPath.asp, which is really no more than to just run server.MapPath("includefile.inc") that then display the results. My website is "ccs2468.com/" so I put http://ccs2468.com/GetPath.asp in the url (I assume that's the root dir) and run it. The result is - E \web\ccs2468com0\htdocs\includefile.inc. Now I'm not sure where the htdocs came from, but I'm pretty sure that would be considered a subdirectory on the root, which there's no such thing, so I took it out. So now, with my ftp program, I change dirs. to ccs2468.com/books/books.asp and insert this directive - &
  2. I've worked in computers and programming 35 yrs, tho most of that in DOS. Not very fluent in windows. ok, i'm pretty sure I know what you mean by 'virtual' (computer memory). and 'server' (as opposed to the client) and 'root' (dir structure). PathPointer = Server.MapPath("/includefile.inc") run on the root returns - PathPointer = E: \web\ccs2468com0\htdocs\includefile.inc //ccs2468com0 is my website This I put in the #include directive in the program - other directory. Apparently the computer still can't find the file. Maybe I need to take the "htdocs" out, seeing that my file is in
  3. In plain English, please. I'm only a blue-collar clerk. Would I be asking too much to have you just write the code?
  4. my include file works, provided both the program and i.f. it reads and includes are in the same directory. Now, i.f. is in 'root' and 4 programs , that feed off it, are in different 'dirs.' I need to put correct path into the <!-- #include file= ??? --> directive, but no matter what I put in computer still can't find it. Is this the answer? I've tried it, it doesn't work. IncPath = Server.MapPath("/ffile.inc"); //....... maybe something like this.
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