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  1. Hello! I want to propose you to test remotely hosted services, provided by votingserver.com (webmasters toolbox). For our part we shall put the tester's link and tester information to special page of Voting Server official site.
  2. Hello everyone! I would like to know are you willing to use services, provided by www.votingserver.com (remotely hosted tools for webmasters). If yes – what minimal and maximal price you’d be ready to pay for them?Thank you in advance for your replies.
  3. Hello! Could you please express your opinion on www.votingserver.com (it is a toolbox of remotely hosted services). What could you suggest to improve the service?
  4. Hello everybody. Would please answer a question (it is important to learn it)Do you use remotely hosted services, how often and which providers do you prefer?Thank you for your replies.
  5. One of the most difficult things for any site owner is to attract visitors and increase website traffic. There are many ways to do this including paid advertising which not always works.The key issue – is maintaining interesting content of the site and interactivity.The most easy, fast and cheap way for that is using remotely hosted tools which can provide feedback from your visitors and good interaction (such as voting feature, chat, guestbook), assure delivering your important information to your audience (news block, notifications) and manage content of your site like content randomizer whi
  6. Hi people! I've got a little challenge: I use votingserver.com (http://www.votingserver.com), and everything is great but on some of my pages their editor doesn’t work. Can anyone help me? I’ve tried to adjust the styles manually, but that didn’t help.
  7. Hi people! I've got a little challenge: I use votingserver.com (http://www.votingserver.com), and everything is great but on some of my pages their editor doesn’t work. Can anyone help me? I’ve tried to adjust the styles manually, but that didn’t help.
  8. TV sites are seem to grow in popularity. Though accorging to analysts only time will tell if companies pony up the money to reserve their .tv domains. What is your opinion?
  9. Well, if you propose cooperation, it is wellcome, all the more I'm looking forward cooperation in programming and content writing. So if you have any proposals or ideas - let's discuss.
  10. Thank you guys for your thoughts. I can't agree that the domain name doesn't matter. Actually it matters a lot. The only fact that it is memorable and easy (moreover if corresponding) can play great role in site marketing. Most simple - if your customer wants to tell his friend about your site he must remember it's name (if it is long and difficult - it brings the chaces to zero). Besides, good and successful name won't be confused with others.
  11. Yes I plan to use it myself. I'm worrying that at the auction its price can even rise, I would like to miss the good chance - I've got some ideas about content, and the name suits very good
  12. I have an opportunity to buy the domain nightshow.tv for $10000 before it is put up for auction. Is it worth these money or it would be better to wait for auction?
  13. Though I am a blond - I've found such a tool called Send-to-friend. It'a remotely hosted service provided by votingserver.com. It allows to send photos and any other items (texts also) on my site. Cheers!
  14. Google is also not hosted on a free server. Actually it’s my first attempt to do something - just to learn how. Is it really impossible to do at least anything?
  15. Actually my hosting doesn't support any scripts, and I am not a programmer.
  16. When a visitor comes to my site (there are photos, pictures there), and wants to send some photo to his/her friend - there must be some tool permitting to do this. (Like the articles at BBC which can be emailed to any adress clicking a link "email this to a friend).
  17. Hello guys!Does anybody know is it possible to add to my site http://www.photoview.hostsnake.com/ such a tool which allows to send the photo and the description of it? (The gallery of photos I made myself using static html)
  18. Yeah, I've connected them, and they said that it is actually possible to use their services at Myspace, but it's impossible to avoid warning windows. So that is that..
  19. Yeah, guys, I don't understand a word of your discussion, but, that's ok, just go on - it's interesting. Bravo!!
  20. Hi, guys. I didn't understand anything of mentioned above, but that's exactly what was written there. You may look yourselfwww.votingserver.com
  21. Err.. that means that it uses ultra-modern technologies that practically no-one has at the moment. So, it means that it won't actually work in any browser (unless it is a super-new pre-release one, e.g. it should partially work in Opera 9.5). Err... are you sure it said that?Yes, horrible But you know, it works however
  22. QUOTE With MySpace? Doubt it. They are paranoid.Well, thank you
  23. By the way - at Voting Server I saw the inscription: "Optimized for CSS3, HTML5, IPv6 and Internet2". Does it mean that it will work in all browsers?
  24. Well, and is there any way to pass it over? May be there are some other services?
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