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  1. yeh, but I where i want to jump to is in a different page. i have included "history.php/#C1" , which goes to the point fine, howver it does not include the font settings or images - instead text is in standard black
  2. thanks, but is there ne way of havin it level with the menu option, and not starting on the one below
  3. I am trying to convert the horizontal menu, to a vertical one, but I am unable to get the sub menus to appear to the side of the main menu, can ne one help<html><head><style>body{font-family:arial;}table{font-size:80%;background:transparent}a{color:333333;text-decoration:none;font:bold}a:hover{color:#606060}td.menu{background:00cc66;}table.menu{font-size:100%;position:absolute;visibility:hidden;}</style><script type="text/javascript">function showmenu(elmnt){document.getElementById(elmnt).style.visibility="visible"}function hidemenu(elmnt){document.getElementById(
  4. hi,i have seen an exmaple in the html were you can jump to another part of doc on the same page.Is it possible to implement this within a menu - were the code is wrote on a separate script i.e.Menu2=new Array("How it Began","history.php","",3);Menu2_1=new Array("The Beginning","jump to beginning part in history.php","",0,20,150); the history file has the text in html format i.e headings(h2) and paragraphs(p)
  5. hi,I know I have sen this some were before but can I find it!! - what I need is within the nav menu I have sub menus which will bring to a certain position within the text. i.e there will be different paragraphs with titles. I am looking the link to bring u to that position within the .php page . Ne one know were I can get an example of this
  6. hi,currently I want to be able to add text to my site dynamically. at the mo I am adding it to a database, but when its viewed on the site, the writing looks untitdy. Is there ne way I can do this dynamically so that I have can the writing in paragraphs, have spaces, and justifyed etc.thanks in anticipationdavid
  7. hi, i want to position an image in bootom left hand corner . is this possible using css. I already have within the code an image at the top left using the background example on this siteHelp please!!
  8. hi,i want to be able to dispay text on the web page and pictures, but i want to be able to edit this or change the picture. is this possible through php - mysql
  9. hi,i am looking for an easy left navigation menu with sub menus that is easy to integrate into my code. my previous drop down menu was the following:<html><head><style>body{font-family:arial;}table{font-size:80%;background:black}a{color:black;text-decoration:none;font:bold}a:hover{color:#606060}td.menu{background:lightblue}table.menu{font-size:100%;position:absolute;visibility:hidden;}</style><script type="text/javascript">function showmenu(elmnt){document.getElementById(elmnt).style.visibility="visible"}function hidemenu(elmnt){document.getElementById(elmnt).styl
  10. the site could possiblt include more examples for these topice, including more left navigation menus
  11. thanksis there anything in the apymenu file thats needs changed, or is all the changes done in the other file - i.e. a trial version icon pops up on the menu
  12. thanks, is that the config link that gives the code?please see linkhttp://dhtml-menu.com/examples/dhtml-menu-ex2.htmlalso do i need call this file .js - will it nit work in .htm or .php
  13. hi,I have created a web site before using the drop down menu example with sub menus on this site. I am now creating a website for a local charity, and think that a left meu navigation is best suited to this type of site. does ne one have or know were to get free code that has a left navigation menu with mouse overs, and the option to have sub menus that fade in thanks in anticapationdavid
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