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  1. I am not a programmer but have a VBScript that I need to modify to fix the format of a number. I have two fields that are being captured and I need to combine them and pad one with zeros Input District = 01 Location = 13 0010 0020 0030 Output Location = 01 0013 0010 0020 0030 Here is the code I am working with. [PCOMM SCRIPT HEADER] LANGUAGE=VBSCRIPT DESCRIPTION= [PCOMM SCRIPT SOURCE] 'This is the code to create IBM's automation COM object to 'obtain data directly from the screen. Set autECLConnList = CreateObject("PCOMM.autECLConnList") Set autECLPSObj = CreateObject("PCOMM.autECLPS") autECLConnList.Refresh autECLPSObj.SetConnectionByHandle(autECLConnList(1).Handle) 'Create the Books Connect object. Set proxy = CreateObject("SLWindowObject.Proxy.SLWindowProxy") 'Create the configurations, setting both 'application and window name. Window name 'need not be the same as the actual application 'data is being pulled from. proxy.SetApplicationName("AS400 Client Access") proxy.SetWindowName("Tax Collections and Tickets") 'This checks to see what screen we are currently on and 'changes the screen positioning accordingly. IF autECLPSObj.GetText(4, 35, 13) = "Screen Name" THEN Call proxy.AddField("Year", autECLPSObj.GetText(5, 27, 4), True) Call proxy.AddField("Type Number", Trim(autECLPSObj.GetText(5, 32, 12)), True) Call proxy.AddField("Account Number", autECLPSObj.GetText(5, 56, 8), True) Call proxy.AddField("Payer", Trim(autECLPSObj.GetText(7, 8, 30)), True) Call proxy.AddField("District", autECLPSObj.GetText(6, 53, 2), True) Call proxy.AddField("Location", autECLPSObj.GetText(7, 56, 20), True) END IF proxy.UpdateInteraction proxy.LaunchRemote Any help would be great. GDad
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