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  1. Hi.. after of some days and your help I think that I found the problem... this is related with the "mouseup" of the "Click" event.. then I have changed it, to "mousedown" event and solved problem. thanks a lot for your help.
  2. The problem already exist when had assigned the "inicioSesion" Function to the "click" event of the login button, however i attached the full files anyway index.html jsCode.txt
  3. here I attached a part of the js file and I annexed part of the html file: <form id="formLogin"> <h3 class="h3Form">INGRESE SUS DATOS</h3> <label id="label_correo" class="labelForm">Correo: </label><br> <input id="correo" type="text" title="Ingrese el correo introducido en el proceso de registro" class="inputs"/> <img id="iconCorrectCorreo" class="iconCorrectLog" src="css/img/iconCorrecto.png"> <img id="iconErrorCorreo" class="iconErrorLog" src="css/img/iconError.png"><br> <label id="label_pass" class="labelForm">Password: </label><br> <input id="passLog" type="password" title="Ingrese su contraseƱa" class="inputs"/> <img id="iconCorrectPassLog" class="iconCorrectLog" src="css/img/iconCorrecto.png"> <img id="iconErrorPassLog" class="iconErrorLog" src="css/img/iconError.png"><br> <label id="label_typeUser" class="labelForm">Tipo de Usuario: </label><br> <select id="typeUser"> <option value="cliente">Cliente</option> <option value="admin">Administrador</option> </select> <img id="iconCorrectTypeUser" class="iconCorrectLog" src="css/img/iconCorrecto.png"> <img id="iconErrorTypeUser" class="iconErrorLog" src="css/img/iconError.png"><br> <button id="buttonLogin" class="botones">LOGIN</button> <a id="recuperaPass" href="#">Recuperar Password</a> <div class="msjFormsLog"><h5 id="msjLogError"></h5></div> </form> jsCode.txt
  4. Hi, I need your help please, I have created a button element in the HTML file, to which assigned the "click" event with a jquery code in a java script file. The problem is that.. when the page is loaded for first time and I open the login form when I press the login button my form close suddenly and it shows "?#" at the end of the URL, I don't know why happens this and I appreciate your help. thanks a lot.
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