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  1. Thx hacknsack for replying...I cannot log on to my control panel...it comes up with "page cannot be displayed", unfortunately I cannot get into the connections settings to change any of the options, it suggests to change...Any Suggestions on how I can get around this problem, I am currently trying to see if i can make a server out of my usb pen...hopefully I can link to it through the or something.Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  2. ColMatrix

    Online Examples?

    Hi their...I am currently trying to learn PHP, I am doing a medical trial for a few days and i am using their computers...unfortunately their security will not allow me to connect to my server using FTP...or an programs...such as FileZilla.Like W3Schools have the HTML online examples...is their any for PHP...as i am stuck with my book...and no computer to go through with it...any ideas anyone, please?Regards Col
  3. Hi GuysI have been creating the web page (checking in Firefox) when I use either examples it never works properly in internet explorer.If I use Jonas example it says:"Page cannot be displayed" and in the address bar "C:\Root Folder\undefined"And when I use boen_robots code it opens it up...not in the dimensions I have specified and not in a external window...I have ensured javascript is enabled on both browsers...any ideas?Much appreciated, Col
  4. Thx for replying, The problem I would still have, is when the user changes their screen resolution, The left div would stay at 500px heigh, and not an 600px or 1024px (depending on user res) I have tried in % and it not work...and if I use ems it not change anyway and gets bigger (too big) or smaller when I enlarge the text...Any ideas?Cheers Col
  5. Hey M8Am good thx...okFrames section at W3Schools.www.w3schools.com/html/html_frames.aspW3Scchools says: I 'used' to use frames for any navigation purposes to save a user re-downloading the images and information again (from my navigation menu bar), now I use CSS to create the same effect, but with much more benefits, as well as user cacheing the information it also benefits in Search Engine Optimisation, User navigation(finding the site) easier to develop and it takes up a lot less space, meaning less webspace taken up on server.CSS tutorials start here.www.w3schools.com/css/default.aspHop
  6. Hi m8Ok I THINK with Javascript it can detect the users browser and can retrieve information on their settings and depending on the settings can load up different information relevant to the users setting (Not know Javascript really, so not help you their, sorry).You are wanting a image in the background...is this a image that is tiny which can be repeated throughout the background? to create a pattern?If it is mainly a background colour with a image somewhere on it (eg bottom left) you could give the background a block of colour and cut the image down to a particular size, and position the i
  7. Hi I am currently having trouble on how to control the height of a <div> tag.I have <div> tags seperating the page. I want the left <div> to increase its height...no matter how far the content (<div> which is to the right of the left <div>) go to the bottom...but without going too far to make the vertical scroll bar appear (IN the left <div> is a <list> tag for navigation purposes).Some tests:value-Auto...only makes the div go just past the <list> tag.value-100% does not extend when the page extends (due to content)value-em will chnage too far wh
  8. Hi I noticed you made a spelling error (wether on forum or as part of code, if you made same mistake in code it will not work, just getting obvious out of way first )The code you are looking for should look something like this: <body background="imgp0048.jpg" /> Also if you have the image file within a folder you need to specify that folder aswell such as... <body background="images/imgp0048.jpg" /> the 'images/' being the folder (which in your Hard Drive the img file is contained) You also need to close the <img> tag.To find the advantages and difference between XHT
  9. Excellent sorted it...just removed the size dimensions and it automatically opened into a window (meaning no control removed).Thx Col
  10. Thx alot work now...just got to try to edit the JS code...eeek, Thx a lot for the support guys and help guysCol
  11. HeyI would imagine you could use, Flash, Fireworks I think people will also use the dynamic of javascript, but how to do that I am unsure (just learning JS myself), hope that gets you started.RegardsCol
  12. Hi AllI am currently doing a website and...came to a hurdle...seems silly and easy to solve (or so I thought), I have had a look around on W3Schools (obviously) and googled it but could not find anything anywhere (also checked the forums too, nothing).Any suggestions on how to make my <a> tag (open in a new window) and keeping it XHTML strict?Many ThanksCol
  13. Thx BoenI did try what you suggested but unfortunately no luck...tried different combinations...this div (containing img) is within another div (which is surrounding all my content) would this at all affect, or make the image appear invisible any suggestions to overide this?RegardsCol
  14. Hi...I have found a solution, even though not exactly what I was after, suppose we have to meet half way!Solution:I turned the <hr /> tag into a <div> tag with a class attribute. The CSS was then placed in the <head> section of the webpage, I was hoping to keep all CSS in the one external file, as this code will have to be applied to every page! I am unsure why it would not allow me to put the code in the external CSS file, I am guessing it is due to priority but as I mentioned earlier I moved the CSS code around the bottom, middle and top etc, but with no apparent change.A
  15. Thx for your help ~Shinta but unfortunately I still have not managed to resolve the situation.I have tried using <span> tag, with no effect...I have definately got the root of the image file correct.I have tried <div> given the <hr />, <div> a class and nothing...it does work with a <div> + class (from a previous website I have created) but when I try to using the image with anythign else other than that particular <div> + class it does not work!With the <hr /> (as a test) the border set to 1 and solid...a border is created and the height is specified
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