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  1. Hello Supitstom There were some issues with animated labels and validating, and this feature was removed. See change log here: http://www.w3schools.com/w3css/w3css_downloads.asp 1.64 Removed animated labels. Can conflict with invalid content. You can also grab an earlier version from that page if you want, and keep it on your server.
  2. This issue has since been fixed, but yeah, please create a thread in the General forum in the future if something is wrong with the main site. Easier to spot for the mods as well. ;) Thanks. :)

  3. Use the forums?

  4. Problem should now be fixed.Please contact me if you experience any similar problems.
  5. Please: Go to this page http://www.w3schools.com/browserdebug.asp and post the output here in the forum or to me directly with a PM.
  6. hello.If people have problems accessing w3schools, please go to this page http://www.w3schools.com/browserdebug.asp and post the output here in the forum or to me directly with a PM.
  7. kaijim

    Some people...

    They have authorisation to use it. It's and old deal. A bit surprised that it's still around
  8. kaijim

    PHP Tutorial

    The e-mail form was added yesterday.. so that is brand new... just a simple way to send mail... i am planning to add more examples.. and a guide to avoid spammers getting your mail adress..
  9. Hello everybody!We are currently trying to make the PHP part of the page better.We have taken a small break from writing the reference part (have made over 400 reference pages the last months), and we have started working on the tutorial part.I would very much like to get suggestions on what to add
  10. This problem should now be fixed.The problem was a test we run on the site to avoid programs designed to download the whole site.Many thanks to caiblack and Mister Quick for their help fixing this problem.
  11. Hello.We are trying to fix the problem. We think it is a problem due to traffic (which is good for us, but we may need to make some adjustments), but we have problems testing this properly. Could people who get this problem try to let the page load for an extra 15-30 seconds? Even if it displays "done" in the statusbar. If it is a traffic problem, the page should display after a bit of time. Please resopond here with the result.This would help us a lot.
  12. We think we have solved the problem. Please report back if the problem continues.
  13. We have not had any other reports of this problem. Could forum users please respond if they have the same problem?
  14. Well... I am happy to say, that this is just not true. We do validate our pages. That is the first thing I do after writing a tutorial is to validate the pages. (Test us in W3C's XHTML validator) ... And if we forget to validate, our faithfull fans let us know with an e-mail :)As for frames, we have talked alot about re-designing the site. But the bottom line is that the current layout works great for us at this time, and we want to focus on writing more tutorials.And also... W3Schools.com is NOT the same as W3C...
  15. kaijim


    Hello people :)I am sorry i have been unavaliable lately.. i managed to trip, fall and break my back a little bit.. i am fine, just out of commision a few days :)But i think i will be on work monday. and i will look into this, and try to find some suited moderators.Sorry to keep you waiting
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