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  1. For forum, you have to register a own forum domain and i think it is better if you developed through php..
  2. Still i didn't try this, useful information for my next website definitely am going to try this..
  3. Based on the website template you have to move the path of your image gallery, so better try to utilize youtube videos you will get a clear information based on that try to place where you want to exist it.
  4. They changed their website theme and its appearances..
  5. johnniewalk


    To learn go through from w3schools, because you will get complete details of html code.
  6. In which blog post site you are facing this error, because almost all the site you will get am option to edit or delete the posts.
  7. All you have to do his write a perfect html code including css..
  8. For a website creation the order will comes like HTML, Css and Java Script.
  9. First of all, you should make your website visible on the search engine, so for that you have to verify your website. After that you can use google webmaster tool to index your website and its links.
  10. Once the website has been created you have to make visible it to the search engine, then only search engine will index your website.
  11. Through word press you can able to create a static website, but according to your requirements of the website you should create a dynamic websites for that you can use magento tool.
  12. johnniewalk


    Actually i think after writing a code for image file you have to upload it in a tools like dream viewer or something in that, according to your theme there is a path to upload your images in that path you have to upload your images..
  13. Off course you can use it, but you have to make sure that while using not even single mistakes will happen while entering the code.
  14. For teaching not only in skype just inform them about w3schools how you learn those that helps them to learn.
  15. I think it happens due to some server issue, some times few of the websites will not open at all i faced that.
  16. Content marketing is another way of marketing were we can share the valuable content for some other website on behalf of to get a quality backlink from them it helps for seo purpose.
  17. To keep your records first of all you have to purchase a server where you can keep your database.
  18. johnniewalk


    Virtual domain means in a single server hosting multiple domain with different names.
  19. The best format would be the css along with html code..
  20. Looking this type of code it makes me a lot of confusions, i don't know how the web developer and designers remember those codes for me its a strange..
  21. May i know why you want to learn both website design as well as graphic design..
  22. If its working fine that's good..
  23. To create a web site by html coding you have to know the css code too that helps in the alignment, size, color and many more..
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