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  1. If anyone wants to use any of my Flash games, you are more than welcome to. J(ust be sure that you credit me.)You can find most of them at www.jbg9.deviantart.com; if you would like to use one of them, e-mail me at jgentzkow@gmail.com and I will send you the .swf, we can work out the details, etc.
  2. Joseph

    Flash Games

    You can use any games of mine you want, email me at jgentzkow@gmail and we can discuss how and exactly what games of mine you can use and in what way.
  3. Joseph

    c++ tutorial

    Well, it would still be a nice addition to the site....I was wondering why we don't have one.
  4. Well, all members of the forum of my site (www.syboard.net) get their site hosted for free and free access to the latest version of IPB. You will probably have a URL like: www.syboard.net/whatever but you could use a redirecter such as www.cjb.net or www.dot.tk
  5. Does anyone know of a good tutorial for making games in Flash 8? I've searched all over and I couldn't find any good ones.
  6. Joseph


    Does knowing how to make skins for IPB forums and knowing how to work the style sheets count as 'knowing' CSS...?
  7. Joseph

    My site

    I am just presuming that advertising is allowed... (I am too lazy to look at the rules right now.)Anyway, my site is: www.syboard.netWe are are an amateur computer company that makes all types of software, flash games, and even some anime movies in flash.I would really appreciate it if you would join...
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