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  1. I am working on a project for my job. I have php that creates multiple radio button lists through an array. There are 6 categories that that a list of radio buttons for each of the categories. I am trying to add an onclick javascript function to just one of the radio buttons. There is a text box on the very bottom, I want that to only show up if a certain radio button is clicked. I have the code attached below <?php $form_fields = array( "id" => array( "bsc_id", "fname", "mname", "lname", "email", "grad_id", "major_id", "grad_date", "deg_id", "age_id", "ethn_id", "res_id", "assist_id", "assist_other" ) , "name" => array( "Banner ID", "First Name", "Middle Name", "Last Name", "E-mail Address", "Status", "Major", "Graduation Date<br/>(mm-yyyy)", "Degree", "Age Group", "Ethnicity", "Residency", "Greatest Assistance", "If Assistance Other" ) , "type" => array( "age_id" => "radio", "grad_id" => "radio", "major_id" => "select", "deg_id" => "radio", "ethn_id" => "radio", "grad_date" => "date", "res_id" => "checkbox", "assist_id" => "radio" ) , "option" => array( "age_id" => "sql:select * from age_code", "grad_id" => "sql:select * from grad_code", "major_id" => "sql:select * from major_code ORDER BY major_text", "deg_id" => "sql:select * from deg_code", "ethn_id" => "sql:select * from ethn_code", "grad_date" => "fields:m-Y", "res_id" => "sql:select * from res_code", "assist_id" => "sql:select * from assist_code" ) );
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