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  1. another new version up; what can i do to improve it?
  2. ok, announcement. THE SITE IS UP AND FULLY FUNCTIONAL!!!this is purely a beta version just to get the site up on the web. one problem i have is i have recycle signs in the background using CSS (homepage of the site) they disappear when i upload it to the hosting.
  3. i cannot remember CSS to save my lifehowever i have got list of codes on a document i have a rant/debate 'soapbox' planned as a serious site, with paid hosting.
  4. that was intentional.coding websites is hard. VERY hard.
  5. i may change hosts. this host is causing too much trouble.
  6. i edited the code and it has come up with wysiwyg pages and a smiley page
  7. The whole website is nearly complete.I will be getting a .co.uk domain:)
  8. its really meant as a silly bit of fun. i have tried putting an image as the background in CSS, put in the right code definitely, but didnt work.
  9. Well me and my dad thought of this silly idea 'Michael Recycle' and i have made a first pagehttp://x10.890m.comit is 2nd try.htmI made it using just HTML and a bit of CSS (I did it not my dad)I know its basic & btw the hyperlinks dont work deliberately.just a home page really which would start off the site.Just started web coding as well.What do you think as a first page? All criticism welcome. This is purely a test page however we are considering getting a .com or .co.uk domain-Using http://000webhost.com
  10. welcome.i have started your fantastic tutorials on the main site.i am 14 and from englandI would like to be a website designeri am male:)
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