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  1. Yes, same page. I need that variable so I can filter out table rows from DB tables (mysql). (You know, SELECT * FROM table WHERE $id_text ...) And I wanted to make it instant, so when somebody write down or picks a date, it will instantly filter those tables. For that I need that value (text) from input text box to be stored in php variable.
  2. I need to save the text from input field to php variable called $id_date
  3. I am using Jquery-ui's Date picker to pick what date I want. But now I need to store that date I type/pick from DatePicker into php variable. I tried doing this myself but it didn't work, It wasn't being saved in variable without pressing a button. Do I need to use Ajax? If yes, can you help me with that? Thank you. <script> $( function() { $( "#datepicker" ).datepicker(); } ); </script> <input type="text" id="datepicker" name="datepicker" placeholder="Search by date" />
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