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  1. i have sample Code like this.Please let me know how to connect Mysql DB from these ASP file.i have installed MySQLODBC driver 5 on my machine. SQL="select fname,lname from Guest" set rs=Conn.Execute(SQL) response.write("") response.write("") while (not rs.EOF) response.write("") response.write("" & rs("fname") & "") response.write("" & rs("lname") & "") response.write("") rs.MoveNext() wend rs.close() conn.close() response.write("") %>
  2. please provide any examples on this?i don't have much idea on it?
  3. please provide me a quick help on how to save ASP file on web server?? My requirement is it for generating XML files from the database, I should save piece of code as ASP file on web server
  4. What is BMC remedy database? How to fetch data from this DB to display as XML files. Please provide any links ?
  5. please refine your question more clearable.
  6. yes..I want to display the data from stored data and is updated in a daily basis.. yes. Every user can see the same data perhaps if they have access on that data. but my requirement is to create a dashboard using HTML table and display the data on runtime with help of javascript ?
  7. please provide me the way to achieve this through javascript itself? Suggest me any examples related to my requirement or sample base JavaScript code to get a clear picture to start.
  8. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/39230233/html-and-javascript-dashboard I have created HTML tables as below by hard coded the values: Name weekhandled ticket monthlyhandled ticket daily handledticket credits xyz 1 2 1 1 My requirement is "I want to achieve this dashboard directly on browser without hard coding the values.it should directly taken from external file like javascript. I have little knowledge on JavaScript .is it possible to attain this requirement using JavaScript itself? Please give me some idea to drive this requirement?.like any similar examples
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