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  1. Ok. But which W3.CSS elements are floated i.e. which W3.CSS elements have inherited the "float" class/attribute, if they have it? (This is the reason that I have asked (by separate post) if there is a hierarchy diagram. I suspect that the W3.CSS creator(s), b4 they start coding, he/she/they made a design plan of how this "construction" will "develop". Anyway, I am not a member of IT industry and surely I do not know how to "understand" IT folks.) Tia.
  2. Ok. I have changed, through inline style, the w3-display-middle class "absolute" position (default) into "relative" position. Setting height manually is not required any more. Thanks! What about the "wrap" feature? When I use "flex-wrap: wrap;" the height is not adjusted again (Register and Language blocks overlap each other)? Any hint, suggestion? Tia: T(hanks)i(n)a(advance)
  3. Hi, I would like to ask if there is a hierarchy diagram of the W3.CSS structure with elements and relations between them e.g what is the relation between w3-row/col and w3-layout, which one can be used within the other or are "equivalent"? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I have created (or better, my intention was to create) a simple navbar by using W3.CSS framework as follows (see photo and code): 1/12 2/12 2/12 2/12 2/12 1/12 1/12 1/12 | MENU | Message || Username | Password | reCAPTCHA | Login || Register | Language | - I would like the height of the navbar to be self-adjusted; when I remove the "height: 55.5px" from, or set "height: inherit/auto" into, <div id="login"> the navbar's height takes the value of 2px and the buttons remain on the air! * What am I doing wrong? * How can I make the highest height of existing elements to inherit its value to the navbar's height? * Does "g-recaptcha" element play any role? I would like the navbar to behave responsively as follows: 2/12 2/12 4/12 4/12 or 3/12 3/12 3/12 3/12 | MENU | Message || Username | Password | | Username | Password | reCAPTCHA | Login | | Register | Language || reCAPTCHA | Login | | Register | Language | | MENU | and finally: 6/12 6/12 | Login | Register | | Menu | Language | How can I make the navbar to get wrapped and elements appear in a second row, by using only existing W3.CSS elements? Please, just give hints and advices. Thanks in advance. login_bar.html
  5. Oh, dear Foxy Mod, thank you also for your nice word "immature", I just asked a simple question in a polite manner and got two words "lazy" and "immature"; but what for I am impressed is your sentence "...because it would not be able to create good selectors for the rules. There's no way to know what the intention of the author was from just inline styles." If you ever read about such a program/tool later in your professional career, just think about you, your knowledge, your diploma/degree/master/Ph.D. and don't forget to share them in one thousand pieces!
  6. In the dictionary there is a new word for you: MUSTURTYPER (The Great) I have met a lot of musturtypers in my life, but you are an exceptional! BRAVO BRAVO! PS: I invented it today noon, especially for you!
  7. "Better to remain 'silent' and be thought a fool than to 'post' and to remove all doubt".
  8. I asked if there is a tool to help me, I did not ask for someone to call me "lazy"! “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” - Albert Einstein ​
  9. Hello, I would like to ask if there is any tool which automatically simplifies the creation of external or internal styles from inline styles of a html page and make the appropriate changes into the html code. For example, I build html pages with a CSS framework and use inline styles. Instead of making a mysite.css file on my own, a tool parses the inline styles, creates an elegant and sophisticated css file, and makes the appropriate changes into the html page code. Thanks in advance.
  10. Sorry about my misleading spec. In "large" screens horizontal "sliding", in "small" screens vertical one. In "small" screens we shall have in line the following buttons "Menu", "Message", "Login", "Register", "Language". In "smaller" screen "Message" "leaves" the row, only "Menu", "Login", "Register", "Language" are displayed. Finally, only four icons remain in the bar. Am I asking too much??? PS: By "sliding" feature, I mean a kind of "horizontal accordion" or "Drop-aside" (similar to "Dropdown").
  11. Ok. This is one way. Two different "navbars" of which one is hidden and one is displayed in one (the same) row. Is this what you mean? Can this be done by using only one "navbar" with "sliding" feature?
  12. Hi, How can a "double-sided horizontal collapsible navbar" be created with either w3.css or bootstrap? Please see photo attached. When "Menu" is clicked then 2nd row (default) is displayed. When "Login" is clicked then 1st row is displayed. Please consider that a third "column" exists which floats (left or right) accordingly! Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello, I have the following tables: CustomerPersonalDetails ID, Name, Surname, etc. CustomerAccountDetails ID, UserName, Password, ApplicationDate, RegistrationDate with single and original data, and CustomerEconomicOverview ID, + Fields with Calculated Data ​Custo​merBehaviourOverview ID, + Fields with Calculated Data with single and calculated data. They all are connected with 1:1 relation. I would like to ask what the suggestable practice is; to keep the data grouped and separated like above or to put them all in one table. Also, my intention is to encrypt all original data. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hello, I have Events and Tickets​ tables. In Tickets table I have at least the following fields: EventsID CustomersID​ TicketNo ... The number of tickets for an event varies between 500-20,000. That means the number of records after 100 events may be 50,000-2,000,000. I wonder if it is better for each event to have a different table, which means I have 100 tables with 500-20,000 records in each. Which design is better for selecting/querying customers records? Thanks in advance.
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