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  1. $cdt = urldecode($_POST['cdt']); $idt = urldecode($_POST['idt']); the above code is what returns null if we assign the following data respectively to cdt and idt and decode it using json_decode it works cdt="%7B%22uid%22%3A%2220%22%2C%22grtot%22%3A%2285.0%22%2C%22billamt%22%3A%2270.0%22%2C%22dpmd%22%3A%22Cash+On+Delivery%22%2C%22dname%22%3A%22ggh%22%2C%22daddress%22%3A%22ggg%22%2C%22delchg%22%3A%2215.0%22%2C%22dlocn%22%3A%22+Arakurushi+Ambalam%22%2C%22dtype%22%3A%22Normal%22%2C%22dumob%22%3A%229446127497%22%2C%22dlmark%22%3A%22ghh%22%2C%22dmob%22%3A%2288855%22%7D" idt="%5B%
  2. Hi all, I have an android application which communicates with a php page to insert data into mysql table. it was functioning well on an windows server. Recently we were forced to move the application to a linux sever for some other reason. After that some error is returned. When I cross checked every thing, no data is received from the android application to the php page. Android send data using post method. Content type is "application/x-www-form-urlencoded". Data is encoded using UTF-8 format. I can see the variables values correctly in android app. But when we fetch it in Php page
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