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  1. How are they going to get a hold of it? Any code that is in between <?php and ?> brackets aren't visible by the viewer, unless it is echoed. So its completely safe. Unless somehow your FTP gets hacked and they get it, but thats an enormously slim possibility.
  2. I usually just add a * before the tag in CSS.p {color:red;}*p {color:green} <---- IE onlyWorks for me 99.ten% of the time.
  3. Grats :)I've been slow on the forums I current, mostly because im too busy...but im still here
  4. Yeah you seem to be going pin-crazy :)Hi im Paim and im cool. Nice to meet you all.
  5. Ahh...plenty. They work well in tandem and are almost built for each other (but can use with other systems), they allow easy updating for websites and can produce massive CMS's. Meh i dunno
  6. Nah, forums are open discussions, if it says 'solved' people may skip past it, however they may also know a much simpler solution...or if they people who 'solved' it just lead them to some resources, another person may know better ones, or possibly the solution themselves.It kinda restricts things, I know its not forcing them to not post (which would happen if you closed it) but it still can invariably skip over other solutions.
  7. Paim

    css layout

    Try floating them all left, that usually works for me.
  8. Paim

    text edit

    If you still type "something.html" and it saves it as "something.html.rtf" then put quotes around it when you're saving it, just like above. That'll save it as that extensions (however doesn't work in bloody Photoshop).
  9. Well go for it, if kaijim and the rest decide for an official one later, it can be made on their own server. It can do for now I guess.
  10. Which footer, in the browser or the webpage?
  11. Haha...1000 already? That was quick
  12. No, you need to embed themhttp://morovia.com/font/support/embed-font-web.asp(haven't really read it but its got the basics)But you also need to search Google for a progrma that converts it to a .eot file...or whatever it is.
  13. PHP takes longer than two hours to learn...and even after months, you're still learning
  14. Paim

    Custom font

    .backwards {unicode-bidi:bidi-override; direction: rtl; color:#c00;} in your css for example. Then you can use the <span> tag to access it, eg <span class="backwards">backwardssssssssssssss</span> Found it here: http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menu/email.html
  15. Hi thereIf you have no problem learning new things, the easiest way to do something like that is learn a server side language. (my recommendation is PHP, but i've never dealt with ASP).It can be used much more efficently, and usually, when you see pages like ...page.php?id=231, then 231 is the 231st item (in your case it can be an image). You can have one page which can call up every image that you have.
  16. Paim

    Default Margin problem

    Try html, body {margin:0;padding:0;}
  17. Yeah, the form they type in inputs it into the database, then it automatically retrieves them and displays it (using the appropriate query).
  18. Paim


    Hey we didn't think you forgot about us :)Hope ya get better soon
  19. If you click 'View Source' and the page contains PHP coding, you won't be able to see the code. So something like: <?phpecho "Hello";?> will come up as: Hello however, PHP coding won't work at all if you ahve your page named *.html...or if your web server doesn't support PHP.
  20. Paim


    OH dammit Kcarson, I was gonna email :)Nice one though,
  21. Paim

    centering stuff

    <html />? <html> and <body> have closing tags
  22. Geez Skemcin, ruin her learning experience
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