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  1. Hello. At the last moment someone told me to remove the "USE [my_db];" from the sql string. Having done that the simple test query then succeeded. I could barely believe it. I still do not understand why rs.State=0 for the Server.Create("ADODB.Recordset") and yet the rs.State=1 for the rs.Open (sql1,conn)? Thought both the create recordset object state and rs.Open state both had to be 1? Apparently not. I very much appreciate your efforts to help. Things are better now. Thank you.
  2. Hello. I have been doing some work on my SQL Server db connection string. This is because (importantly) Ref#1 (near bottom part) indicates that a faulty conn string will cause a closed recordset object (same as my root problem). Apparently in that particular post, his conn string was good enough to connect to his db. But the provider attribute (or driver) he originally used could not correctly read the db records. So the return recordset object was then automatically closed. The Ref#2 just shows how to properly construct the conn string. And Ref#3 is simply a reference for all possib
  3. Hello. I thought our intention is to Install Active Directory and DNS on this Windows XP (client) machine. But I am now concerned whether this is possible (since mine is only a network client OS and not a Server OS)? It seems likely this Win XP client can now connect to an existing Windows domain (if there were one). But it also seems unlikely this Win XP client can now serve as its own domain controller. Do you agree? In your reply, you mentioned "when I set up AD domains". Have you ever setup a domain controller on a client only machine? From your experience, what are the AD DC clien
  4. Hello. Thank you for waiting until my reply. The good news is the Active Directory tools are installed, ready to use. And the buttons at My_Computer>System_Properties>Computer_Name are also enabled ready to use. The not so good news is the windows domain and workgroup are not yet setup correctly. Errors were returned there. Request help with this. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My_Computer>System_Properties>Computer_Name says (buttons are enabled): To use the Network Identi
  5. Hello. As I explained above, this is an important programming project. So I am very appreciative of any help you and others can provide me. Please accept my appreciation. My laptop is presently standalone, not part of a workgroup (LAN) and not part of a domain either. That situation (for the laptop) may not change any time soon. Although in the near future, when the web pages are FTP (published) up to its commercial web host site, then the website will then be on its own domain. Just not yet during (local) development. Are you suggesting I setup my laptop into a domain or workgr
  6. The root problem is an ASPX (ASP.NET) web page program, part of an important business program presently in development and connected to an sql server database (.mdf) file, is presently unable to do two procedures: rs=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") and rs.Open (sql1,conn). Both operations return rs.State = False. The reason is not clearly understood. The system is Windows XP SP3. The only error observed in the MSSQL ERRORLOG is: The SQL Server Network Interface library could not register the Service Principal Name (SPN) for the SQL Server service. Error: 0x54b, state: 3. Failure
  7. It would be a kindness if one of the Administrators would correct the misspelling in this post title. I would have corrected it by now but the Forum software does not give me permission. So it is to be AJAX on this project. Very well then, AJAX it shall be. To that goal, I found a copy of this ebook: http://www.negingostar.com/temp_uploads/pdf/Learn_JavaScript_and_Ajax_with_w3Schools.pdf Expect it will take two weeks (perhaps one week) to read it through. So I expect to be back in Forum then (after the read). Speak with you then. Thank you
  8. Please accept my thanks for considering this post about a modified onsubmit JS function. In the one day since I made that post I came to realize I should just include include the additional functionality needed directly into the checkForm(form) function. When I did this all the HTML and JavaScript then ran smoothly and dependably. So my need for a modified onscript JS function was satisfied. Still there is at least one important follow up question. Right now I am trying to run PHP from JavaScript. As your replied said, AJAX may be needed. I am researching and testing on my end, need two
  9. Hello. Here is some excerpted code which already works well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <script type="text/javascript"> function checkForm(form) { if(form.username.value == "") { ... // many more lines </script> <form action="return_to_calling_page.html" onsubmit="return checkForm(this);" id="logonForm" > <p>Username: <input type="email" name="username" autofocus></p> <p>Password: <input type="password" name="pwd1"></p> <p>Con
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