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  1. The intro to w3.css says "Uses standard CSS only (No jQuery or JavaScript library)" which is technically true but a bit misleading. Javascript must be enabled in the user's browser in order to use useful features like modal popups. What's the big deal? Someone might create a website using a modal popup for users to register or purchase things, only to find that visitors using screen readers because they're visually impaired can no longer participate or buy things. So the site is no longer fully accessible, which is illegal in some countries and some class action lawsuits have already happened. I'm not saying features that use scripting aren't useful, but they should come with a big accessibility health warning to remind developers to include alternative ways to access things. It's easy to forget because most development is done with scripting enabled.
  2. Hi, I love all the tutorials on this site, generally very clear and uncluttered. Thank you for making them available, they must have taken a lot of work. The PHP Form Validation page at http://www.w3schools.com/php/php_form_url_email.asp however has a bad example of name validation that would cause problems for a lot of people because it's too restrictive. Many names contain apostrophes, hyphens, initials, abbreviations, accents and so on. It's a common error and it's a shame to see it encouraged here. I realise you're using it as an example of a preg_match but this is not a good place to do it. I suggest changing the example test to allow only printable characters, e.g. using ctype_print(). It's good that you don't expect everyone to have a firstname and lastname, though.
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