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  1. thanks dsonesuk that's fixed the links, now all I have to do is get the buttons to work in Chrome, they work in IE & Firefox
  2. thanks dsonesuk for your help, as you can see I'm a beginner.I see what you mean when I highlight the problem with your code, although I'm not sure why some are different widths. I've place your fix code in, this fixes some links but not that pesky "Norfolk" link ‚ÄčI'm unfamiliar with the z-index
  3. where do you suggest I put this code, in the <style type="text/css"> this comes up horrible & still right hand links don't work
  4. not sure what you mean, why then do the other links work?
  5. I have a strange link problem, links on the left side of my page work fine but not on the right, even though it's the same code. see my code go to ardownes dot com then click families any help appreciated
  6. links not working

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