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  1. hi,I want to do a datagrid when you edit it for example delete a post, automaticly the changes will be done in the database too. (the post will be deleted in the database).how ? thanks,
  2. Hi,I have created a windows application. It must be located exact where the task pane of MS Word located.My problem is when you use a big monitor (bigger than 17") and miximized window is located where it must be. but if you use a monitor less than 17" for example a little labtop you can see almoste half of the my window form.Is it possible to locate a windows form in view of the monitor or in view of MS word is maximum or not?thanks for your response
  3. Hi,I have System.Windows.Forms.TreeView that contains many TreeNodes.is it possible to draw a TreeNode and its children to another TreeNode?thanks for your help
  4. Hi,You can select a node in a TreeView by:treeView1.SelectedNode....Is it possible to select many nodes at the same time?i have a treeview and a button when you select a node and click on the button it saves selected nodes name ,now i want to select many nodes at the same time and when i click on the button it saves all nodes.thanks.
  5. thanks,I am using asp.net 2.0here is a bit of my code what i have been trying for 6 hours. try { treeView.BeginUpdate(); DataSet DS = new DataSet(); DS = MyWebService.LoadTreeViewFromDB(); if (DS != null) { TreeNode Root = new TreeNode("Taxonomy"); Root.Tag = 1; treeView.Nodes.Add(Root); TreeNode ParentNode = null; foreach (DataRow DR in DS.Tables["folksonomy"].Rows) {
  6. Hi,I am trying to load my items from Database to a Treeview but i have faildMy table contains id, parentId, nodeName like this:(1 , 1 RootNode)(2 , 2 , ParentNode)(3, 2 , Child_for_2)(4, 4 , AnotherParent)(5 , 2 , anotherChild_for_2)(6 , 4 , Child_for_4)My problem is ,, I can not read it to my Treeveiw ( need some code).thanks
  7. no, Thanks,I have created a research pane for my office, and i want to have a treeview in it.
  8. Hi,I am working on my Research pane and i would like to develope it. What I want to do is, adding a TreeView to my Resarch pane, Is it possible?I have searched very much , I need som codethank you
  9. cyrus_

    TreeView Problem

    Hi,I have a UserControl that contains a TreeView(with nodes) , a TextBox and a Button, I want when you click on the button you add new node under the selected node that it's name is the text of the TextBox.it can be solved by following code:treeView1.SelectedNode.Nodes.Add(new TreeNode(textBox1.Text));but my problem is the applicatin runs on a server and it can be restarted and the nodes must be left there,I have tryed a lot but no success, I need som code, thanks
  10. cyrus_

    smart tag

    Hi,I use Visual Studio 2005 professional editioin.I have created a smart tag, you can see it when you locate to (Word > Tools > AutoCorrect Options command > Smart Tags tab), I have checked Recoginze method by using MessageBox.Show(....) and it works,but i have two problems:1. I don't know if Action class is registered or not, I have registered both classes in the same way by using GUID and creating subkey in the:HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Common\Smart Tag\ActionsBut the action button (smart tag button)does not appieres and I dont know how can i check if the Action i
  11. I am trying to do a Visual Studio Word project to do a smarttag but i get following errorThe type or namespace name 'Tools' does not exist in the namespace 'Microsoft.Office' (are you missing an assembly reference?)when i am using "using Micorosoft.Office.Tools.Word"I am running Visual Studio 2005 but I can not see any office projekt or Word tempate.do i have to download som packets? (Visual Studio Tools for office) but where and what?I have been searching for them but not success.do i have to have office 2007?
  12. hi,it is my problem:I fetch rss feeds from web and insert them into my table, and i do it every ten minuts. every time i must check 1- if the item already exists in my table if it exists then i must chech the publishdate if the publishdate has changed then the item must be updated. if the item exists and publishdate not changed so i have to chech if it is more than 20 days old, i must delete it if it is more than 20 days old otherwise no changing.2- if the item not exists i have to insert it into table.here is my code that checks SOME of my conditions but it inserts all items every time i fetc
  13. Hi,it is second time i am posting this Error sorry about it, i have been working on it in 6 days and i am still in the begining.here is my code and the Error is "Object reference not set to an instase of an object" public partial class SearchUC : System.Web.UI.UserControl, ISelectedTitleFeed { private DataSet DS; protected void SearchButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { DS = minWebService(); // a reference to a web service, returns a dataset foreach (DataRow DR in DS.Tables["items"].Rows) { DropDownlist1.Items.Add(DR["title"]
  14. thanks again, when i use your code my drondownlist is empty first time the page will be refresh, (It has items just first time)
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