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  1. Hi, XSLT2.0 I am trying to find the element names and count which are nonempty at any level Ex: <custom-data> <schema>XXXschema> <object-name>YYYYY</object-name> <short-name>YYYYY</short-name> <object-type>TABLE</object-type> <mls-support-model/> <object-owner>PPPP</object-owner> <status/> <columns> <columns> <name>ID</name> <datatype>NUMBER</datatype> <length/> <precision/> &
  2. New bee - XSLT issue Below is the code snippet for getting required output. But I've to find out chapter title using on attribute value (linkend="CHAP_1"). In toc, there might be chance of missing chapter reference. In the toc section, if there is no reference for CHAP_3, then expected output should be as below. XML: ===== XML: ==== <?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'UTF-8'?> <book> <toc id="TOC"> <title>Contents</title> <itemizedlist> <listitem> <para> <xref linkend="CHAP_1"/> </para> </listitem> <listitem> <para> &
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