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  1. Hi, I'm not sure if this one completely falls into the javscript territory. The website I am working on has a database of products. As of right now, settings can be changed so that a user can view a certain number of products per page (there is no limit). However, I want a "view all" option at the bottom of the page next to the page numbers (for instance, "Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... View All" ). Any suggestions on how I can start doing this? Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks. tyv
  2. Hi, Would you be able to suggest how to apply multiple if statements to a function instead of creating multiple functions? I want my submit button to check for valid fields and then warn the user before uploading anything. The function is page_check_pwd. Thanks in advance for any help. :)tyv
  3. Hi, I have a form with multiple fields that are confirmed before the form is submitted (ex. email field needs to be completed before the form can be submitted). Once the required fields are completed, I want a final warning box to appear asking the user "are you sure you want to make these changes?" I'm having trouble getting the function to work correctly. Here's the problem I've encountered:First Script: this one lets me enter an email into an empty email field and shows the confirmation box but the information in the form is updated regardless of whether I click OK or Cancel. function p
  4. Hi, Can I put multiple variables in an ASP file? For instance: <html><body><%dim namefilter this list name="Donald Duck"response.write("My name is: " & name)%><%dim namefilter that list name="Darkwing Duck"response.write("My name is: " & name)%></body></html>I am using ASP files, Javascript, HTML and my database is MS SQL. Thanks for any help you can offer. tyv
  5. Hi, I want to add a new search function (Drop Down Menu) to search the database in my website (The database is managed with Microsoft SQL). I managed to add the search filter and the options, but I am unable to get it to actually work. Whenever I select one of the options in my drop down menu and click search, nothing happens. When I click on the yellow icon at the bottom of IE (that yellow triangle with an exclamation point) it says "object expected". Anyone have any suggestions or sample scripts that would help fix this? Thanks in advance for any advice. tyv
  6. Hi, I have a bug on my website that I'm trying to fix. I have filters (drop down menus and click-calendar date range) that narrow down searches on my website by pulling out the information from the database. Problem is as follows: 1) I select my filters, the database choices are narrowed. 2) I get multiple pages (a filtered list from the database). 3) I click to go to the second page. 4) The filters reset to their defaults and I end up with the entire database again. I cannot view the second page (or any other page) of the filtered list. Only the first page. I am working on ASP files,
  7. Hi, I encountered a bug on a website that I am working on. The enter/ return key function works in certain parts of the website and doesn't work in other parts (this is opposed to actually clicking submit). I went through all the scripts but I'm not sure why the function does not work for this part. Does anyone have any suggestions/scripts that would work in this case? I am working with javascript, ASP files and html. Thanks for any help you can offer. Tyv
  8. Hi, My website's search function looks up entire phrases instead of individual words. For example, if I query "Google Groups," I would like my search to come up with everything in my database that has the words "Google" and "Groups," not just the phrase "Google Groups." I would want my search to bring back "Google-tastic Search" or "Group Compu-Google." Right now it only brings back "Google Groups #1," "Google Group #2," etc. I'm at a loss at how to begin implementing this change. Any suggestions/scripts? I'm working with ASP files, Javascript and HTML. My database is managed with SQL.
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