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  1. I just went over a list of forum accounts that I have and found this thread - and I have been laughing for a couple of minutes. I was not a very mature and experienced web developer, lets just say. Thanks for the criticism guys, I now realize that it wasn't bad at all. That was my first website, I made it when I was about 16 years old. Today I'm 22 and I make a living online and running the company from Malta. A funny bump, but I just had to write a comment about this! Once again, a late thank you to all the answers in this thread!
  2. Hehe, you guys are probably right.I just don't like negative people. (Not saying you are, but that's the impression I got).
  3. That was just a bunch of sites. If you go through all my review topics, you will understand I am right.You guys up are basically only telling me how bad my forums is, but that's not really what I would like to hear. It's okay to say it's bad, but tell me how I can improve it. If you are not willing to give me that, then don't even bother to answer.Don't go on with lack of specifics even though that might be so true...(ok that doesn't help a bloody smack) instead, tell me what kind of specifics I could add. I'm not going to dig deeper in this useless conversation because it has no value, but I suggest you to inform an administrator immediately to change the rules so the other people like me (who doesn't got a unique design nor a custom web application) won't have the same issue when asking for a review.I don't expect any answer but you should really change the rules, maybe try something like this:"People with bad sites may not post in this forum."
  4. I've posted reviews in over 20 forums, in all of those, exactly everyone found something to critique. Like hundreds of people have posted an opinion, suggestion or feedback. If you can't really come up with anything, I'd say you are the guy with problems.
  5. Hello! I'd like someone to review my brand new forum.It's mostly directed to web masters & web developers, but also other tech.I'd be very grateful if someone take a small piece of time and putted together a small feedback about it. And I would also like to say, if you think it's crap, tell me, I won't get upset Link: http://devyourweb.comThank you!
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