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  1. Hmmm... That's odd, I'm in IE7 as well on the school computers. I'll fix that.
  2. Sorry, i fixed it. It works now.
  3. FwishaYeah, revamped. Completely. Check out the above link.
  4. I fixed it so you don't have to scroll L-R anymore. I also added some more content...
  5. What? Nobody wants to check it out!? >_<*
  6. Sooo, I figured it out, broken link cuz they deleted my site. AGAIN. So I edited my posts and now you can see the site. Even though I am using a template...
  7. So, I decided that my other sites are pointless. AND IT'S AWESOME! Anyways, here it is.
  8. I like the layout, needs more content, but I can't really read yor headers with the verses. You might want to have it with contrasting colors you can actually read them clearly with. I like the ly\ayout, I give it a 8.7/10. Good job, overal! KEEP GOING, YOU HAVE LOTS OF POTENTIAL.
  9. Style, I mean fo it to look spiffy. And I know NOTHING about php...
  10. keturahuriel


    Where would I go to find a step by step, into the nitty gritty of making a forum/chat site? More like a forum, like topics and everything, but still instant messaging?
  11. How would I go about making a contact form with style? Oh, and how do I make it send straight to my e-mail?
  12. I like. Much very so. Takes jus' a little too long to load up, though. I can also do some ads for ya.
  13. keturahuriel

    clear: both

    That saved me from creating a thread...
  14. Hokay, I updated the links and now My webhost says that since I'm a free account, I can only have one site until I make a minimum 5 us$ donation... :) Anyways, I am working on making it on 110mb and I'll post it when I deem it fit for criticism...
  15. Is this in regards to Keturah, stoof4yoo, or both?
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