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  1. I like the layout, needs more content, but I can't really read yor headers with the verses. You might want to have it with contrasting colors you can actually read them clearly with. I like the ly\ayout, I give it a 8.7/10. Good job, overal! KEEP GOING, YOU HAVE LOTS OF POTENTIAL.

  2. Where would I go to find a step by step, into the nitty gritty of making a forum/chat site? More like a forum, like topics and everything, but still instant messaging?

  3. Hokay, I updated the links and now My webhost says that since I'm a free account, I can only have one site until I make a minimum 5 us$ donation... :) :) :):(:) Anyways, I am working on making it on 110mb and I'll post it when I deem it fit for criticism...

  4. If you tell me the width of the image, I can tell you how to fix it. I can't help you really unless I can see where the problem is. I DO know, however that it involves the float, margin and width elements.

  5. Hokay. I fixed it and now the text is at the bottom of the page. How do I fix that?here's my stylesheet(it's not done though...) As of 7/25/08

    body {  color: #009999;  margin: 12px;  background: #003399;}a:link {	color: #3399FF;}a:visited {	color: #3366FF;}#header {  font-size: 24px;}#main {  margin-top: 100px;  background: #990000;}#sidebar {  border-right: 2px double #003366;  float: left;  padding: 10px;  width: 200px;}#sidebar2 {  float: right;  width: 159px;  border: solid #0099ff;}#content {  margin: 0 160 0 240;}ol {  list-style-type: lower-greek;}ul {  list-style: square;}p.top {  color: #3399ff;}

  6. Hey. My previous site (lunaris.site88.net) got accidentally deleted and I (of course) had my only backups on my flash drive which got stolen two days prior. SO now I have a personal storesite that is a definite work in progress and I have my store which I am currently designing the pages for. I just have a few questions for everyone who replies:1: What browser do you use and does the site go wonky in it?2: Do you like the color scheme and/or do you have any suggestions as to that area?3: Do you have any suggestions in general?That is all for now, and thank you VERY MUCH. Here it is...Updated: 7/25/08

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