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  1. Are gradients backgrounds animatable by transition yet? I googled a answer and only found ones that were years old or had long work-arounds. I'm wondering if there is some new code to use that I am just overlooking. Thanks ahead, -Line
  2. W3Schools, Thanks! I joined this forum because I thought this would be a great community to be a part of for a place I frequent and use so often. I really appreciate all the knowledge you have shared with me over the years. Cheers and virtual high fives for all the ideas you've helped me make come to life. -Line
  3. Sure is My Stray Cats (band) inspired stray cat!
  4. sup ya'll! I'm Line, as of Jan 2017 I'm a 39 year old, New York based artist, animator, designer and creator of many things. I've been using w3schools for who knows how long and can't believe I never realized there was a forum on the site available since 2005!
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