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  1. Hi... I am inside Ajax success function... here is my code... I have accessed the client server url successfully, but also I have to execuet the query that i have to get the result inside the Ajax function to post in my jsp page..... can someone please assist on how we can acheive this? function Call() { var query='select * from employees'; var querystring = "joinType=3&userLocale=English&query="+query&maxrow="2; $.ajax({ url:'https://testurl', type:'POST', success: function(data, url, jqhxr)
  2. I have a coded servlet already in HTTP url. I want to access and display the data from (http url) servlet to my new JSP within <div> here is the more details :https://gist.github.com/theakathir/f6fb390d35b451a57958aa0d3cf05330 about the servlet content. I am very new Ajax,. All i want to do in, In my new jsp page i will have a button to click which will access the data from the http url (servlet) using Ajax. Can someone direct me with some reference to start with.. It would be helpful Thanks.
  3. tea

    Array to html table

    Hi...Thats where my doubt is...if i call function from td #2... how does it add the rows to 2nd column?
  4. tea

    Array to html table

    I also tried smething different like this .... but it pass the required array data only to first column....make sense... as I added only one in below code.... <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <body> <table id="table" border="1"> <tr> <td align="center">Monday - A</td> <td align="center">Tuesday - A</td> <td align="center">Wednesday - B</td> <td align="center">Thursday - B</td> <td align="center">Friday - A</td> <td align="center">Saturday - B</td>
  5. tea

    Array to html table

    Thanks for sayign that..what I understand is.... .... lets say if array[4] is in loop and the data should in 5 th column 4th row....instead it checks from first column and if first column has 4 rows.....column 2 doesnt have value in 4th row... it passes the value in coln2,rw 4 instead of coln 5,row 4..... Its should ideally look for the coresponding column instead of the column in order which is empty.... I am exectuing the code in fiddle(I added "debugger" in fiddle and in my locale html... not sure how to debug
  6. tea

    Array to html table

    Hi.... I have code here by with the data..... I need data from 1 to be in Monday, 2- Tuesday,3-wednesday,4-thursday,... If you check the below one...it works different..... not sure...how to achieve this...Appreciate if you could assist... thanks <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <body> <table cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" border="1" id="tbl"> </table> </body> <body> <script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.1.0.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.datejs.com/build/date.js"></scri
  7. Hi ppl, I have Array data-https://gist.github.com/mahakT/df9632be8b8929197041460efd335ac8 which needs to be generated to html table as (Expected output in table format from Array :https://snag.gy/S7YZD9.jpg) Points: 1.(we can ignore "seq" field if not required) 2. I need to sort the Array.. and data should be fetched based on the start and end date sequence.... for your better understanding i have given in screenshot...https://snag.gy/wsjgTb.jpg 3.Expected output in table format from Array :https://snag.gy/S7YZD9.jpg Experts can you please let me know how to achieve this?
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