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  1. Thanks for advices! I will remember those.
  2. Try http://www.freedomain.co.nrIt don't have ads but you must lnik their site.However I didn't use this yet.
  3. I'm now making somekind "serious" layout and I want it looks proper and should be easy to use. Site would be database kind what haves ABCD... menu and such.I'm planning it now in my head but I wanted first ask do anyone have good advices what can help me to make proper looking website?I don't ask you make me one, I only want some tips (like color combinations etc.) from experts who have been webdeveloper much more longer.Thank you very much.I really appreciate your help!PS:I have read w3schools' webbuilding article too.
  4. Thanks for info Mpoer! Maybe I can get real domain someday However about those who spoke about browsers and such, I meaned that can I use parts of service without IE. I have IE but well, it can't get connect to internet ever! And it is 6.? so I can't download new and install it because windows says that there is newer files and installing must cancel. That's my problem why I can't use IE.Because that I use now Fire Fox and Opera because they get connection. But this is enought about my browser problems. Maybe I should ask help for this somewhere... And about Microsoft's beta, I can't use it because I don't have own credit card yet .However, that co.nr service looks quite promising until I get real domain.
  5. Thank you for information but do anyone know anything about how much I need that IE?
  6. This sounds quite interesting but Microsoft requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or later, and my own IE don't even get connect to internet and says modem or something won't work.This causes me headache!So do anyone use this service so I know do I need IE so much?And Smokingman, you are right but I'm under 18 and my parents don't even know what is "domain" or how pay via internet so I can forget it.
  7. I have tried cjb before, but it don't have enought disk space.(Is it 2MB?)I use awardspace now,but it offers only subdomain. However, you can use preregistered domain, but like you know,I don't have any.
  8. I want create page what contains information and pictures.Then,I want that there is button or something what triggers images (chosen ones) so you can see them.That's because user don't need load them if he/she don't want.What will be best way for this?I don't want create different page for images because then I must keep eye many many pages.What is your suggestion?
  9. Is it possible to change page's scrolling bar to another one?You know it is normally Windows' own blue bar, but I have seen that some sites have different scrolling bars.I want know because bluebar is little ugly Thanks.
  10. Yes.I know "risks" but I would like do something different what can really teach new.Unlike old frame layouts.I would be somekind tech-demo.
  11. Like usual, I got one strange idea.Is it impossible to transfer data (variables) to frame and it transfers data to page's another frame?It would be handy to transfer example game data to another page.Of course there is cookies but I don't know how exactly store data to them even after W3's tutorial.Thanks.
  12. I would like train to create little different website output.You are probably saw flash sites what contains different effects when page loads etc.I just got idea to make this kind output without flash!Maybe strange idea, but I think that I can make some cool effects with gif and JS animations.Example when you click link,bacgr. changes to animation and looks like you move.Is this possible?
  13. Interesting service idea.Damn...I'm four years too young
  14. Ok.Now I understood. Maybe I should then find domain or use subdomains like now... :)Thanks for info anyway.
  15. That was what I thought too...But if you create server or what it is to your computer,do you need buy domain?
  16. I wanted ask is it possible register free domains?No subdomains.I think it isn't possible but I don't know.If somebody knows this kind service, can you tell me about it?Thanks.
  17. It is now over.It works again.Yesterday it won't work Hmm,what could cause this?
  18. Thanks.It works now Hehehe.That is why I added it. You are probably right.But is this car racistic?
  19. This is pretty easy question but how I can change link's color when mouse is over it?ONMOUSEOVER event comes first to my mind but then I must change every link's code.I also heard there is code what like automatically defines color change for all page's links.Is this kind code possible and is HTML or JS needed for it?
  20. Fire Dragon

    Is it ok

    I'm not be sure but I heard that Microsoft tried once copyright HTML and then take fee from HTML-coders. Luckily Microsoft didn't success
  21. Thanks Ssbrownii.It helped. I can't get it working.Is there any other way than JS version?Alltought I don't know can I get even JS working because I don't know can I use window.location with frames.I mean use it with target.
  22. Why suddenly when I tried make quote and I copied piece of other member's post using ctrl+c and tried paste it to my post.Nothing happens!Why I can't paste text to message field?Do others have same problem?I also tried paste it to Notepad and it works so it isn't my fault.What this mean?
  23. When my friend told me about this site.I got to w3school.com too I thought something is it this!? (my friend said that w3school is amazing site for learn web languages)After that I get to www.w3school.org what contained only links to different pages.After this accident I decided search with Google and finally I found here
  24. I must test it but I can't because I don't know why,but I can't get right frame to show up.Here is my code:<frameset frameborder=0 border=0 framespacing=0 rows="100,*"><frame src="up.html" name="up" scrolling=no><frameset frameborder=0 border=0 framespacing=0 cols="180,*"><frame src="left.html" name="Left" scrolling=no><frame src="middle.html" name="Middle" noresize><frame src="right.html" name="Right" scrolling=no> Can you say what is matter?
  25. I plan somekind "links" frame for my site.Let me explain what I mean.Left is normal navigation frame what contains links to all of your site's sections.Middle of screen is main frame what shows page, and right is other navigation frame.Now comes problems in.I want right frame shows links to mini sections what main section haves.Example: Main section:CarsMinisections:Volvo,Lada,MitsubishiSo Car section haves Volvo,Lada and Mitsubishi minisections.This is easy because now it is like normal navigation frame.But I want this frame changes when you press link in left frame.Like it changespage's main frame.I can handle this using target.But then browser must load two frames when you press same link.Is this possible?I also thought javascript code what is placed for main frame's page what reloads automatically right frame when page starts.This probably sounds strange and I can say...it is!
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