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    Hi!I am working on a project which includes some animation within some other animation. The problem I have encountered is this:I am working on two different .fla-files with different framerates. The main one has 12, but the other one uses 25 to make the animation smoother. Now that the animation in the 25-fps-file is done I exported it as .swf and loaded it into my other 12-fps-file. I guess you all see the problem now - my animation plays at 12fps which is really annoying to look at.Is there a way to keep the fps from the swf here?Thanks in advance.
  2. Hopla people!It's been a long, long time since I worked in flash..but now I'm back on track with black coffee and a punchingbag besides me.The deal is:I've got a picture of a steelwire bendt like the head of a man, real minimalistic. My friend, which I am making this website for, wants me to make this wireman gradually reveal. What would be the easiest way to do this? I have tried using a mask, but that did not really work. Is it possible to expand a symbol (ex. a dot which matches the width of the wireman), make it follow a path and at the still time be a mask?I hope someone can tune me in on something, tutorial or just a nod in the right direction would be greatly appreciated :-)Thanks in advance!
  3. All right - this code works for loading the external swf - but it doesnt help me to put it into the "cointainer"-movieclip..homeBTN.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK,myButtonFunction);function myButtonFunction(event: MouseEvent) {var request = new URLRequest("http://www.evyandersen.com/commercial_main.swf");var loader:Loader = new Loader()loader.load(request);addChild(loader);}Please..:-)
  4. Hi people!The last time I used Actionscript, the current standard was 2.0, and I realize things have changed. I encounter my problem when trying to load a swf into a movieclip-container on the "main page". homeBTN.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, myButtonFunction);function myButtonFunction(event: MouseEvent) {_root.contents.loadMovie("commercial.swf");} Flash responds with:1119: Access of possibly undefined property contents through a reference with static type flash.display:DisplayObject.The coding in line three used to work in AS2.0, and I've been searching the web forward and back for many hours now without a final solution.Could anyone please give me any pointers? Thanks in advance :-)
  5. Search for tutorials, get to know the program - then read some litterature and make sure you understand Actionscript - when you do, it will all come gradually :-)But tutorials really helps to get to know the program and it's environment!Best of luck!
  6. It worked - hooray - the thing about putting multiple movieclips into a greater clip.Thanks again justsomeguy, you always come helping me out of the jams I get into :-)
  7. Aww, I see. Thanks for checking it out though.I can't really make the coordination work when working with that many pixels. Will search for a guide about how to write this in actionscript, that would probably do. Thanks a lot! :-)
  8. Thanks for responding.After making the actual movieclip with the images inside, I use my_pane.contentPath ="com_bama";
  9. Hi people!I am making a webpage for a photographer which wants horizontal scrolling. Therefor I made a scrollpane and can easily load one movieclip into the pane - but what if I need to load two movieclips? The coordinations don't work when I try to put them manually (I am doing this guy, not with pure actionscript).my_pane.contentPath ="com_bama, com_henderson";This evidentily did not work, any suggestions?Thanks in advance, Jonas
  10. Thank you so much!I have seen you around this forum for a long time, and you always come with solutions, making a lot of peoples lives easier. That sure is fantastic!Thanks again! :-)
  11. Hi.I've made a fade-from-black splashanimation for a webside. The annoying part is that the splashwindow makes this white flash before the movie starts to play. The background in both the htmlfile and on the flash-stage is selected as black, so I don't understand why it makes this white flash... Any ideas about how to walk around this?http://www.evyandersen.com/(you might have to refresh) <body bgcolor="black" style="padding-top: 20px;"><center> <object width="770" height="700"> <param name="movie" value="splash.swf" /> <embed src="splash.swf" width="770" height="700"></embed> </object> </center> Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone!I've been banging my head with this problem for quite some time now, and before I give up I would like to ask you people.I am making a horizontal ScrollPane-gallery where all of the pictures are 500px in height and they are loaded as movieClips trough "scrollPane.contentPath". Everything worked out pretty good until I had a serie which made the movieClip 8000px. Inside CS3 this was working out just fine, but when I exported the .swf I just saw a red background instead of the images that should be displayed. Some hours with trying and failing made me realize that I should keep the size under 6000px, so here comes my question: Is there possible to load sereval (like two or three) movieclips into a scrollpane, and would the be displayed straight after eachother? If you people could help me with this one, I would be so happy!Thanks in advance,Jonas
  13. Hi again.I tried to follow a tutorial which is for a custom vertical scroller, and made the scroller itself work - but it isnt moving the image I want to display.The scene is 1000(w)x510(h) and I use AS2.0: var scrollUpper:Number = 0;var scrollLower:Number = 850;var textUpper:Number = 0;var textLower:Number = -2940;var scrollRange:Number = scrollLower - scrollUpper;var textRange:Number = scrollLower - scrollUpper;function scroll() { var moved:Number = scroller_mc.x - scrollUpper; var pctMoved:Number = moved/scrollRange; var textMove:Number = pctMoved*textRange; text_mc.y = textLower - textMove;}scroller_mc.onPress = function() {this.startDrag(false,scrollUpper,this._y,scrollLower,this._y);this.onMouseMove = scroll;}scroller_mc.onRelease = scroller_mc.onReleaseOutside = function() {this.stopDrag();this.onMouseMove = null;} The picture I have put into the scene is 3941x500 and I have converted it into a mC called text_mc (just to follow along with the tutorial). Out from this information, could anyone tell me why the picture isnt following my scroller? Thanks again.
  14. Dear people.I am trying to make a website for a friend of mine which is a photographer. First of I started making it in plain xhtml, but I ran into some problems. She wanted the pictures to be 500px high (and the viewable frame about 700-1000px wide), and wanted it to be a horizontalscrolling-gallery (with some funky customized bar). I can show you the example:http://teitunge.frac.dk/music.htmlAs you can see (if you are using firefox), I tried to use a customized horizontal scrollbar, but of course this was not 100% compatible with Safari and IE - that makes me think Flash..I have been searching google for three hours without finding a decent tutorial. I really need one with the scrollbar, not automatic scrolling when the mousepointer hits the edge.If anyone knows how I can get started with this, or have a link to some good tutorials I would be deeply grateful!Thanks in advance,Jonas
  15. Thanks for responding so quickly. I have not published anything yet, since I am waiting for the webhotel to kick in, but I could try to explain a little better.The pictures is 500px high, just as the <div> i created. When I add photos in the <div> with the <img>-tag they only get posted vertically without the <nobr>-tag. You had some good suggestions there, and I will dive into the floating to check if that could take me any further.Thanks again :-)
  16. Hi.I'm building a site for a photographer. Instead of using frames to put pictures out, I am using a css-box with custom js-scrollbars. The problem is getting all the pictures on one horizontal line. I can achieve this by using the <nobr> which both IE and FF understands, but as soon as I try using the css-nowrap alternative, I am no longer able to scroll. CSS FOR THE BOX: #gallery{ width: 70%; border: dotted 1px #312b27; height: 510px; position: fixed; top: 260px; left: 12%; overflow: auto; background-color: #48413b;} HTML <div id='gallery' class='flexcroll'><nobr><img src='gfx/music/1/1.jpg' alt='' /><img src='gfx/music/1/2.jpg' alt='' /></div> Any hint, answer or direction to a tutorial would be very much appreciated.Thanks in advance.
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